Why choose an oil heating?

Modern day heating oil is 95% cleaner than what it used to be a few decades ago and is 100% biodegradable. It is one of the best ways to go green and have lesser impact on the environment, which is why many families are switching to this alternative fuel to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Propane, butane, natural gas, electricity, etc. are some of the options to keep yourself warm but none of them can beat the good old heating oil. Arranging for a regular heating oil delivery can help you become more responsible towards the environment and provide a safer fuel to your family.

Heating oil delivery is safe and the fuel is eco-friendly too!

Did you know that a burning matchstick falling into the heating oil will result in the match going out just like it does in water? Only an advanced burning system can ignite a fire in the oil burner or the furnace! During the heating oil delivery if there is a spill or the heating oil is left exposed to the atmosphere, there are limited to no chances of an explosion or any person getting sick due to harmful fumes. Even system malfunctions do not cause harm because the system will provide clear and immediate alerts of smoke, soot or even odors.

In the last two decades, the sulfur content in heating oil has been brought down to a measly 0.5%. This enables families to do their bit in protecting the environment from air pollution. When it comes to overall emissions, German studies indicate that burning oil is less polluting than natural gas. It is simply because oil required to produce the same heat is both less in quantity and burning it results in low emissions.

It is easier to arrange for heating oil delivery than other fuels

Heating oil is available wherever you are unlike other sources of energy like natural gas. Unless you are living in an urban area, it is difficult to find a natural gas supplier. Hence, rural areas and houses far from housing developments miss out on the infrastructure required for gas delivery. This is not the case with heating oil. Delivery of heating oil can happen anywhere, and storage is easy whether it is below ground or above it.

Heating oil is independent of global political unrest and there is abundance of this resource. There is no dependency on any one region as a source because a lot of domestic demand can be met through domestic sources only. 

Heating oil is easier on your pockets too! Burning of heating oil is highly efficient and produces more heat than other fuels, therefore there are lesser occasions when the requirement ofheating oil deliveryneeds to be done to your house. This simply means you burn less oil, refill your tank less, your oil burner runs for decades instead of a few years, and you can time your purchase to times when the rates are low because storage isn’t a hassle.

Overall, heating oil has much better prospects than other fuels used for heating your house. With more and more families opting for this safer and efficient option, it has become a go-to fuel in the market with increasing acceptability. If you too are interested in using heating oil or want to upgrade your existing heating system you can connect with your local heating oil suppliers. Whether it is a new home you are setting up or hunting for a better place, look for a home that uses heating oil system to keep the place warm and comfy.

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