The interest of home automation for your home

The interest of home automation for your home

It all sounds like a futuristic dream anyone in the 70s would have thought about – the entire house acting as your personal assistant, knowing what to do, when to do and how much to do, while you leisurely live your life without any chores. Believe it or not, home automation that you have been hearing about so much is exactly that. The future is now, and it is better to ride the wave rather to wave at it from a distance. 

The interest into automating various activities around your home started with the onset of the internet and when high speed connectivity started being carried around in our pockets. It is not just the enthusiasts who like to live with the cutting-edge technology in their house but also the regular folks like you who wish to bring more organization in their lives as a respite from the already hectic daily schedule. 

Understanding the home automation

It is not just about making your home “smart” or “connected”. When you are able to connect to the devices in your home even if you are not present there or if appliances in your house start and end their jobs without human intervention, then your house is truly automated. This is where you need to know the two types of automations.

  • Single task automation – Consider your daily alarm it is a form of single task automation. Or when you set your thermostat adjusts to a temperature depending on the time or ambience it represents this form of automation. This is the entry point for novices who have just got their heads around automated systems.
  • Multitask automation – This is where everything starts getting complex. Imagine your house in “welcome mode” as your car speaks to your smart hub at home and alerts it of your proximity and automatically, the lights are switched on, the thermostat adjusts to your temperature, a bath gets prepared and while you were away, the robot mop has already cleaned the house. These automatic systems run on the If this then that principle where certain actions trigger a sequence of other actions.

The benefits you derive from home automation

Clearly, everyone wants to reduce their leg work but not all could afford house helps and maids. Enter, home automation to provide you benefits that cannot be overlooked.

  • Firstly, it takes care of all your mundane tasks. Repetition is something automation thrives on.
  • Secondly, it allows the homeowners to be extremely efficient with their energy consumption
  • Thirdly, the added security options provide the safety net around the house that you have been wishing for.
  • Lastly, it is convenient and totally DIY to install requiring very little time to setup and run the system.

People are choosing to automate their homes because of two primary reasons. Number one is that it makes everyone’s life easier. You no longer have to worry about groceries and bath temperatures, switching off the lights and fans and hundreds of such tiring and mundane tasks. Second important factor is the huge reduction in energy wastage that happens throughout the year and that elevates the cost of living in a fancy house. 

Everyone cannot be an expert in technology, but the beauty of home automationis that you don’t need to be one! It is as easy as using a smartphone and even if you are unable to wrap your head around things, you can always take help from your kids to setup the devices, alter different schedules activities or simply disable various automated tasks that you no longer need. Simplicity is intrinsic to all automation systems.

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