What is the best time of year to move?

What is the best time of year to move?

It is quite natural to feel that the best time to move to a new property is as soon as you find one. However, moving does not simply mean that your family would have to travel to your new residence. You would also have to transport all your personal belongings, furniture and other items. Hence, it is crucial to consider several factors while planning the time of your move. 

What would be the best season to move?

Well, each season comes with its own drawbacks and benefits. You may move either in fall, summer, spring or winter, depending on your personal preferences. Here are some brief overviews of why you may or may not want to move during a specific season. 

1. Fall

The fall is indeed a great time to move. The pleasant weather of this season makes it much more comfortable to set up your new home and settle in. Apart from the moderate temperatures, fall is usually rainless as well. 

During this season, you can find a mover with ease and likely get a suitable date as well. The rates often tend to be low around this time of the year. However, you might want to remember that the holidays would be right around the corner. If you are tight on finances, you might want to consider moving in another season. 

2. Summer

If you plan to sell your old property upon moving to your new home, summer is a good time for the move. This is when the property rates are high, which means that your old home can fetch you a good price. 

Children are usually out of school in summer too and this is certainly a key benefit to consider if you have kids. Moving in summer would give you enough time to settle in your new home and get acquainted with the neighborhood. Moving in summer can be slightly more expensive as the demand for movers is very high at this time. 

3. Winter

In case you are trying to curtail the expenses, you may consider moving in winter. The demand for moving services is usually quite low at this time, which implies that you might get more pocket-friendly rates. Moreover, many of your belongings that can potentially melt or get damaged under sweltering heat will stay remain safe if you choose to winter. 

The only drawback of moving in winter is that it is very cold, which may make the move uncomfortable. 

4. Spring

Like fall, spring comes with great weather as well. However, there are occasional showers that can put a damper on your move. People generally tend to clean and reorganize their homes in spring. If you are trying to get a fresh start in a new home, spring is certainly a viable time for it. Moving in spring is pocket friendly as well because the demand for moving services would still be lower than summer. 

However, if you are moving over to another district and your kids would have to join a new school, they would have to switch to the new school near the end of the year. 

Other factors to keep in mind for moving

Once you have decided which season is most suitable for your move, you would still have the timespan of a couple of months to choose the right time from. Typically, the demand for moving services is lower around the middle of a month. This would help you in finding a relatively more affordable rate. 

You might also want to avoid the weekends and move during the middle of the week, especially between Mondya and Thursaday. It is logical to choose one of the leading long-distance movers to assist you. In that case, you may also consult their experts for choosing the best time for the move. 

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