Importance of incorporating exercise physiology to the diabetes patients

Importance of incorporating exercise physiology to the diabetes patients

If you are suffering from diabetes, exercise can be an excellent way for you to manage all the health issues that come with diabetes. You can take the help of an exercise physiologist and it is an extremely beneficial resource if a diabetes patient tries to incorporate different types of exercise in their living process. 

Most of the expert of exercise physiology diabetes CPD comes up with immense knowledge in the matter. They can help their clients with exercise and movement. They assist them in different complaints and issues and work very closely with clients who are suffering from different types of chronic conditions. To treat the patients, they suggest evidence-based process and practice. They should prescribe aptly justified exercise-based diabetes treatment for different clients.

Reasons to incorporate exercise in diabetes management plan?

Exercise can improve physical functioning, glycemic control. Cardiovascular fitness of diabetes patients. It decreases all cardiovascular risks of the patients. A bad level of glycemic control can increase the chances of cardiovascular diseases, ophthalmic and rental disease. Exercise is good for diabetes patients to reduce the risk of other associated health issues that comes with diabetes.

Excise physiology may assist them with their changing composition of body and help the diabetes patients to maintain their healthy range of weight and helps in controlling glucose or sugar level in the body. Exercise provides also many benefits to motivate them for overall mood, properly performing the daily tasks, improving their overall mood etc.

People who are suffering from diabetes should aim to complete at least 210 minutes of exercise intensity. A physiologist can suggest them a hardcore vigorous 125-minute intense workout every week. This may consist of a complete combination of resistance training and aerobic exercise both. Resistance training can be prescribed for then at least twice a week.

How to start

A good exercise physiology diabetes CPD is tailored specially for diabetes patients and the physiologist can suggest the intensity, type of exercise etc. as per the health condition of the patient. But to start the exercise program, it is better to consult with your diabatic educator or the doctor. A good exercise physiologist may help you with a specific prescription of exercise designed as the preference, goal and ability of the patient. It is also essential to monitor the blood glucose or sugar level post and pre-exercise sessions. It ensures that the clients are not at any risk of a hypoglycemic event. Right exercise and proper activity may assist one by maintaining blood glucose level with improved control of glycaemic level.

Some benefits of exercise physiology for diabetes patients:

  • It can improve your diabetes management by improving the control of blood glucose and insulin sensitivity.
  • It helps help in maintaining a healthy weight
  • Control cholesterol level
  • Reduce the risks of stroke and heart issues
  • Improves proper blood flow in the body
  • Boost up the energy level, mood and helps in managing stress

But before starting your exercise:

  • You need to consult a good exercise physiologist.
  • You can consult your doctor also for a suggestion
  • Set a realistic goal with the suggestion of an expert that you can achieve
  • Monitor your health after exercise

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