7 Considerations To Keep In Mind As You’re Shopping For Turkish Rugs

7 Considerations To Keep In Mind As You’re Shopping For Turkish Rugs

There’s no denying that Turkish rugs can be an incredible addition to your home’s décor and overall ambience, but just like any home improvement shopping there are many considerations that people should keep in mind while shopping for Turkish rugs.

You’re of course going to need to ensure that your new Turkish rug is handmade and of a very high quality, because authentic Turkish rugs will provide an incredible ROI and will last literally a lifetime.

The following are 7 considerations to keep in mind as you’re browsing for your next Turkish rugs:


One thing you should do while you’re working with a rug outlet is not necessarily tell your sales rep how much you’re willing to spend. You’ll put yourself in a better bargaining position when it comes down to negotiation time when they don’t know your maximum budget amount.

Simply ask the merchant how much the rug will cost, and then see how far they’re willing to compromise with you.


An area rug’s overall size will be a major factor in determining price, so it’s always a good idea for you to know the precise dimensions that you’re looking for prior to beginning your Turkish rug search. Buying the wrong sized area rug can be a huge hassle that’s always best to be avoided, so simply knowing your desired size will help you more efficiently narrow down your best available Turkish rug options.


Authentic Turkish rugs are always made utilizing the best materials, including silk and hand-spun wool. These materials tend to be more valuable as compared to wool-cotton combinations, and it’s likely that you’ll be able to tell the difference between cotton and silk rugs immediately.

Make sure that you’re getting natural materials with your new Turkish rug, because these rugs will last longer and even accrue in value over time.


Turkish rugs will always come in a whole variety of different colors, and this consideration will largely depend upon your personal preferences. Make sure that you like how the rug looks and will enjoy looking at it on a daily basis, and also ensure that the rug’s dyes are natural dyes that won’t fade with time.

You should also keep your room’s existing aesthetics and furniture in mind when it comes to rug color so you’re matching the rest of your space correctly.


There are four main types of Turkish rugs, including Sumak, Hail, Cicim and Kilim. Hali rugs tend to be thicker with a higher pile, and the other three types of generally flatwoven rugs that aren’t developed using knots. These flatwoven options are many times hung up on people’s walls as decorations instead of being flooring décor.


A lot of rug specialists will be able to look at a Turkish rug and know exactly where in Turkey or the Middle East it originated from, and the story the design is telling. There are many different stories found within the designs of Turkish rugs that are developed by master artisans.

Make sure that your new Turkish rug is providing a valuable story that you’d like to share within your home.


Older Turkish rugs tend to be more valuable than younger ones due to the antique artisanship and artwork that these older options entail. Newer Turkish rugs can of course be very high-quality, but they won’t have the same type of inherent value that the antiques will have.

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Finding Turkish rugs online can be a lot easier said than done, but when you work with the right outlet you can ensure a much smoother shopping experience. Reach out to the rug industry specialists at Rug Source through the link at the top of the page to learn more about what you should be looking for during your search for new Turkish rugs!

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