How to Influence Your Prospects in a Few Seconds?

How to Influence Your Prospects in a Few Seconds?

Anything can happen in a few seconds. 


Or do you claim that it is not enough time for anything substantial to happen?

But you know what, you unknowingly might be having many prospects who have fallen for your brand or lost trust in that short span of time!

So do not take it for granted, even if it’s just a few seconds.

Drawing the audience’s attention is a challenging task. And if you are doing email marketing, it would be even more difficult.

As an email marketer, you will have to build the prospect list, compete with other emails your recipients receive in a day, entice your prospects to open your emails, read the content, and take action. 

To make this process flow smoothly, you will have to build a good prospect list and work on these four phases; Firstly, Attention, next is Interest, then Desire, and finally, Action.

Use Free Email Finder to Build a Prospect List

Building the prospect list is very important when you plan to include email marketing in your business promotional strategy. 

Once you are clear about your target audience, you can use free email finder tools to find the email addresses of your potential audiences. is one such tool that uses big data and machine learning algorithms to locate the email format of any professional.

With their freemium plan, you would be able to find the email addresses of ten prospects every month. And if your requirement is more and you like the tool’s efficiency, you may go for the paid plan.

Grab Audience’s Attention

You can grab your audience’s attention with a catchy subject line and your brand name. 

When you send an email from your business domain address, it will increase credibility, and recipients will feel safe to open your email. 

Retain Your Audience’s Interest

Now that you got your recipients open your email, the next thing is you should engage them with your quality content offering value to them.

People always like it when they are offered things that add value to them.

Fortify Your Audience’s Desire

You can encourage your prospects to purchase from you by offering a highly personalized experience. 

There is a strong emotion involved while deciding to buy something from a brand.

When you include your customer success story as a part of your newsletter or giveaway a significant discount for a short period, you create a sense of urgency in them with more confidence (with your customer success stories) to purchase from you.

Add a Call-to-Action

Persuade your potential audience to take the final step using an intriguing call-to-action button or link.

If you don’t encourage them to make the final step, there is a high chance that they change their mind and drop their idea to buy from you. 

Final Thoughts

As we saw at the beginning of the article, only a few seconds is enough for a customer to decide. 

So, you must influence your potential audiences throughout the journey, and many a time, it would just take only a few seconds in each phase.

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