The importance of kitchen ventilation degreasing

The importance of kitchen ventilation degreasing

Commercial kitchens call for high specimens of hygiene and cleanliness. This explains why restaurants, bars, and other commercial establishments in this sector hire experts for kitchen hood cleaning. The apparatus in your system is generally heavy-duty, which generates considerable amounts of grease. Left unchecked, it increases hazards such as grease fire. Prioritizing the safety of your visitors and staff, it’s wise to invest in professional ventilation degreasing for your kitchen from time to time.

Experienced professionals from the leading companies possess industry expertise. Besides, they carry sophisticated equipment to carry out a comprehensive cleanup. In this post, you will gain a deeper insight, understanding why you should appoint regular maintenance services.

How does kitchen ventilation degreasing make a difference?

Maintain proper cooking environment

To maintain a healthy operational environment at your restaurant or bar, it is imperative to clean your kitchen extract system. Degreasing the system at the recommended interval keeps your environment in good health. You must be knowing, that regular servicing and cleaning are required to maintain the proper operation of the extractor fans. Grease and dirt often tend to block the components, which would render them ineffective to remove heat. This would lead to carbon monoxide and cooking odor build-up in your place. 

Eliminate fire hazards

The purpose of the hood is to trap smoke and grease eliminated from your kitchen. This justifies why they are located just above the surface of the cooking areas in commercial kitchens. With use, layers of grime accumulate on the hood. This can result in a fire, in case the excess grease gets heated to a high temperature. Besides, it might flare up, on exposure to a high flame on the top of your stove. The ignition takes place when the filters present in the hood come in contact with the flame. To prevent grease fires in your kitchen, you need to hire kitchen ventilation degreasing services from experts routinely.

Enjoy better ventilation

A clean hood in your kitchen would ensure better ventilation, eliminating different odor and smoke from the interiors. In case you have the exhaust system blocked with grime or grease, the air would not be able to circulate properly. However, with professional degreasing services, you would enjoy a fresh ambiance in the kitchen. This would also leverage your aesthetics, and the diners would appreciate spending more time at your restaurant. Besides, your kitchen employees would enjoy a more comfortable environment.

Compliance to norms

In case you have been running a bar or restaurant for a while, you should be aware of local inspections by the fire officials. They ensure that restaurant owners comply with the prescribed safety codes, and eventually ward off chances of fire. Violating these norms can lead to legal issues, and at times, tarnish your reputation. As a responsible business owner, you would like to be on safe grounds. This explains why you should hire the leading ventilation cleaners for degreasing service.

How often do you need kitchen hood cleaning services?

As a restaurant owner, you might be wondering the most appropriate frequency of kitchen hood cleaning services. This largely depends on the volume of cooking in your restaurant, and the type of dishes. Here are some guidelines to simplify the matter for you:

  • Monthly degreasing: Establishments with charcoal or wood stoves, fast food restaurants, or those running for 24 hours.
  • Quarterly degreasing: Establishments with 24-hour schedules or high to average cooking volume should appoint quarterly degreasing services.
  • Semi-annual degreasing: Eateries with average cooking volumes, pizza restaurants or eat-in restaurants can go for semi-annual degreasing.
  • Annual degreasing: In establishments with low food production capacities, seasonal operations or the ones that have hoods over appliances that do not generate grease should appoint annual maintenances.

In any case, a professional hand in kitchen hood cleaning ensures that your apparatus remains in proper functional conditions. Reach out to one of the reputed service providers in your city for a comprehensive and affordable package.

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