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How much do you know about Barcode Scanners so far?

Roughly 40 years have passed since the invention of a widely used barcode. The barcode scanner, as a barcode reader, has the same history.

For us, accustomed to the rapid development of computer technology, accustomed to the constant obsolescence of some and the arrival of more advanced technologies in their place, it may seem strange that in all these 40 years of real success, only 4 barcode scanning technologies have achieved real success.

According to the theory of evolution, it is no coincidence that they won the battle for survival, and until now, each of them has a right to exist. Of course, this is true if you know the strengths and weaknesses of each of their barcode reader technologies. If you have the best restaurant management software in Chandigarh, you will be able to more consciously choose the barcode scanner that is best suited for your business.

CCD barcode scanners

This is the very first scanning technology to become truly widespread. With built-in LEDs, illuminates the barcode. The light reflected from the barcode enters the scanner mirror and is projected onto a matrix of CCD elements.

Nevertheless, as noted above, you should not take the CCD barcode scanner out of consideration: the technology, over the years of its existence, has reached perfection and perfection, and the cost of models offered on the market is unattainably low for any of the competing technologies. A great opportunity to save money if you intend to solve a problem with small amounts of barcode scanning.

Laser Barcode Scanners

The technology is designed to read all common linear (one-dimensional) barcode types. At the moment, this is the most well-known technology in Russia (in European countries, its positions are in full swing crowded with the more modern Linear Image technology for scanning one-dimensional bar codes.

At the heart of any laser barcode scanner, you will find two essential elements: a laser diode itself, which generates a laser beam visible to humans, and a mirror (or, depending on the scanner class, a whole system of mirrors).

Linear Image barcode scanners

The most advanced of the technologies for reading linear barcodes, which embodies the ideas of processing not directly the barcode, but its digital image, a digital photograph of a barcode, in fact.

Only in contrast to the even more powerful Area Image technology (about it below), the Linear Image barcode scanner does not take a two-dimensional image of the entire barcode, but only a one-dimensional image of its strip, which is highlighted by the scanner’s LED backlight. In this they are similar to laser barcode scanners. But the Linear Image scanner has more opportunities for scanning poor quality barcodes.

Area Image Barcode Scanners

It is the most modern and, at the same time, the most powerful of their barcode scanner in Chandigarh. The fact is that by buying an Area Image barcode scanner, you get an absolutely universal device that can be used both for reading linear barcodes and for two-dimensional (or matrix) types of barcodes, as well as OCR font recognition or simply use it as a capture device.

The point is that this type of barcode scanner, in fact, uses camera technology. Only very high-speed: in the read mode, the scanner takes a digital snapshot of the entire bar code, automatically recognizes the barcode in the received image and decrypts it and all this faster than a person can blink.

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