Let’s All Fight Together The Monster Of Pollution

Earth, the most beautiful and the only planet which is known to have life. Well, nobody knows precisely how mankind on Earth started, but humans began to learn and develop things by using the resource provided by the Earth. Then slowly and steadily, the population began to increase, and humans began making more and more things to live a better and comfortable life.

As we all studied in books, fire is the first invention made by a man who accidentally collided two stones together, which produced a spark. We don’t know whether it’s real or just a story, but that’s what we have been taught in school.

From that little spark to making spacecraft, humans unquestionably have come a long way. But, our beloved planet, Earth, is paying for all the inventions. Almost every single invention is adding something to raise pollution levels, and natural resources are getting depleted day by day.

The plant which once was home to trees is now witnessing sky-touching concrete buildings replacing the greenery.

We know that development and construction are needed as the world’s population is now more than 7.8 billion. But at what cost? If things keep on pacing the same way they are, we will not need an apocalypse.

Everything that we are enjoying and using today for a luxurious and comfortable living is rising up the pollution. Laptops, mobile phones, and televisions are e-waste, which has started to become a problem. The invention of plastic seemed to be a great help for humans but has become the most-talked material that can’t be recycled and takes up to 1000 years to decompose. Air conditioners and vehicles have affected the ozone layer (the layer that protects the Earth from the ultra-violet rays of the sun) so much that it has holes now. And the waste from the factories is polluting the water (most-precious natural resources).

All the ways polluting the Earth that we talked about are somehow now the necessity of life, and some measures can be taken to control the adverse effects. But unnecessary and harmful things and acts that we humans are doing are the bigger factors of pollution. People in many countries are still not understanding that throwing wrappers and waste here and there is very harmful and boosts pollution on different levels. Water conservation is another thing that people do not incorporate in their lives the way they include the use of smartphones. And the ruthless killing of animals for their own good is a sin.

It’s high time that we all should together fight it out. God gave us the brain and power to think wisely. The way we started developing and focusing on new inventions for comfort should also be the way to find and incorporate the inventions and actions for improving our environment.

We have news from around the world of groundwater being depleted, so why don’t we use rain-water harvesting and keep the taps off while brushing our teeth washing utensils?

The PM level (measuring unit of air pollution) is increasing day by day so why don’t we use carpools and why don’t we stop bursting crackers on festive occasions. People today tend to use their own vehicles to visit the market and move from one to another in search of the best product. One such occasion is Raksha Bandhan when sisters visit the market to buy Rakhi, and that adds a lot to the pollution. So, using services like online Rakhi for brother can really bring down the air pollution caused by emissions from vehicles.

Solar energy is also something which helps to save natural resources used for producing electricity, but still, it is used by very few people in comparison to the population of Earth. There are also proven suggestions that using Air Conditioners on 24-degree temperature can reduce the pace of global warming, but most of us still don’t understand that.

If we didn’t stop now, there would be no earth soon—our small to small actions needed to be focused on improving our environment. Start saving the water and start planting trees. Even we should use an indoor plant as a gift to win the heart of loved ones. Start using dustbins to drop waste and keep the area around you as clean as it can be. Take time to get that leaking tap fixed and always switch off the lights and when not in use.

You don’t need to put in extra effort; just small acts and our Earth will breathe freely again!

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