How African Energy Chamber and NJ Ayuk gained big while making a mockery of African people and Global Climate crisis?

How African Energy Chamber and NJ Ayuk gained big while making a mockery of African people and Global Climate crisis?

The global oil and gas industry witnessed a crisis situation recently and according to numerous experts, it came up as a big chance for the African governments to restrict the usage of fossil fuels, while clearing way for the Green New Deal.

Along these lines, they could’ve reinforced their quest to save the planet while implanting new life in the economy simultaneously. All things considered, NJ Ayuk of Centurion Law Group and the African Energy Chamber didn’t share the same thoughts.

The new emergency has depicted the Oil and gas industry as an exceptionally deceitful employment source for most of the African workers. The steadily replacing oil costs will continue hitting the market circumstance, putting the work of thousands of laborers in danger because of the diminishing business output.

Laborers would wind up with an inclination that once the dynamic of this sort is left with CEOs and investors who are all about making benefits, setting out greater employment options would go optional. This is the place where an equilibrium should be kept up with between business creation and staying aware of the environmental crisis.

On the off chance that NJ Ayuk could’ve remained as a resident of United States of America, he would’ve been pulling for the President of the National Refile Association, the Tea party or the US Chamber of Commerce.

He is planning against Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, the International Energy Agency and any financial power that will not advocate the utilization of Fossil Fuels. Actually, NJ Ayuk of Centurion Law Group and the Chairman of the African Energy Chamber, according to the details issues by charge filings, secured more than $3,000,000 from oil and gas organizations, LNG Suppliers, Private banks, investment institutions and other authorities.

He has not revealed how much money he has gotten from the African governments that he blames for not tolerating Capitalism, pro Zionist and master Oil account.

Right when you contact the people who know Mr Ayuk, you will observe the mechanism of his whole nexus. You will hear words like “don’t allow them to take your future” ,”Government and administrators are the significant issues in Africa” and not the corporate personal stakes he gloats about. He strikingly pushes Nigerian oil dealers to acquire certain agreements for crude oil supply against Geneva based firms.

We tried to contact Mr Ayuk for a quick chat and ensuing to focusing on the requests we had for him, he laughed and said, ” I revel in your hatred because if I weren’t effective, you wouldn’t hate me so please make my day and proceed with your stupid article. I love Africa and I love Oil and Gas “. Ayuk dismissed and hung up”. Ayuk excused and hung up.

A self fixated media regulator!

Mr Ayuk isn’t a Pan African energy diplomat. He is a capable media regulator, who gets to the skin of media and pushes for American style hypocrisy.  NJ Ayuk still come over as a specialist speaker who will try to convince the Africans to keep up with the oil and gas companies against their own quest to  look forward to clean energy.

He junks communism and considers it as the most compelling motivation for Africa’s ongoing troubles. Mr Ayuk has offered himself and Africans to the oil and gas industry, and they couldn’t have asked for a bigger advocate for their evil goals. His dubious calls of limiting the Energy dependence are sickening and an ideal blueprint to upset the climate emergency action plan.

Cape Town and South Africa are reeling under the disasters of Covid. That said, South Africa’s African National Congress has indecently dealt with the Covid crisis. Africa Oil Week decided to move to Dubai which is safer than South Africa or any African country. Mr Ayuk actually stood adhered to his hardball approach.

He tried every trick to letting Africa Oil Week move to Dubai. He additionally launched an African meeting by the Oil industry backed African Energy Chamber called African Energy Week and clashed with London based Hyve Group and its African Oil Week show. African Energy Week is about Oil and Gas and simply oversees the clean energy narrative.

African Minister detailed their withdrawal from the Dubai meeting. In case a Minister doesn’t, Mr Ayuk would’ve contacted the President to solve their purposes.

Standing up to lack of sponsorship deals from the financial sector, he counts on his hardball approach. He subverts the financial sector with a boycott for not financing African fossil fuels. Make an effort not to acknowledge the issues. That is his entire intention. The AEC essentially needs the money from them and needs it real quick.

He further raises objections on the benefactors of essential aid to Africa and put them in the same category with Guyanese group pioneer Jim Jones who gave people kool aid with cyanide in it. How perilous. Why might he say to Africans that they simply have a future with Capitalism?

Denied reprimanding Trump and Big Oil Companies

The African Energy Chamber has gone through paying some good money to Trump and Biden lobbyist in America to influence deals that would uphold the African Oil Industry. Clearly Mr Ayuk and the Oil and Gas industry are unhinged and he even utilized Trump campaign staff individuals to work for him as his aides.

This move made inward conflicts in the African Energy Chamber as he declined to criticize Donald Trump. He told his partners that “that is America’s internal matter. The AEC will not be locked in with America’s strategy driven issues and censuring any President” said Ayuk. ” we work with Biden, we work with Trump, we work with Exxon, we work with Chevron, we work with Google and Apple as long as they need to help free marklets  in Africa” added Ayuk. Delegates like Samantha Roux, Mickael Vogel, Mandisa Nduli and Zwelahke Gila quit the battle. You may believe that he will pull out from his steady stand and examine Donald Trump, He obscenely won’t ever apologize and rather keep acting like a crybaby. Long time accomplices like Guillaume Doane and Declan Byrne disassociated themselves from Mr Ayuk and the African Energy Chamber. Mr Ayuk continues to deny and perseveringly prevents any judgment from getting the Oil and Gas industry. He improperly doesn’t want to perceive the job of ecological change in debasing African economies.

Climate activists groups ought to understand this he is the most perilous man in Africa. He has a crazy ability to impact or influence any investigation. Don’t lets his allure, grins and attraction trick you. The African Energy Chamber has lost its moral position and it needs to push Mr Ayuk to leave. This Organization with an inconceivable representing supporting Africa should not be driven by Mr Ayuk and his partners in South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria, and Texas.

At the point when Coronavirus brought the whole world to a standstill, rather than pushing the Oil and Gas industry to help Africa, Ayuk called for a relief package for the oil and gas industry and want an tax cut for these firms considering the big chunk of commission he is expecting. Right when Africans were demanding support from the World Bank and IMF, Ayuk was pushing for a tax cut and waivers for Oil and Gas associations. He even said, “While the Chamber believes that market forces need to determine the industry’s future and advocates for limited government across the industry, the time calls for urgent actions. We cannot let our companies and industry collapse for the fear of losing jobs and investments that would sustain our economies for decades to come. It is worth bearing in mind, that activity in and income from Africa’s energy sector generates significant amount of demand and services from other non-oil and gas sectors of the economy”

“Key measures among the Africa’s Commonsense Energy Agenda delivered today are the expansion of PSCs and work program changes in accordance with support investigation and guarantee the resumption of boring exercises. While investigation is a significant piece of our Call to Action, the Chamber additionally firmly advocates for charge help on administrations organizations, changes of upstream monetary systems, banking and monetary help, territorial substance advancement, motivators to foundation tasks, and striking activities on eliminating fuel sponsorships”. He further added. This is his position and no one should be deceived.

A lewd stooge of Oil and gas firms!

He is supported by a lot of dubious entities who assaults people that attempts to question his deeds. He forcefully battered Equatorial Guinea’s resistance blogger Delfin Mocache Massoko, who set off to grill his friend Gabriel Obiang Lima. Mocache never acknowledged what was holding on for him when Ayuk came all no holds barred through a PR attack.

Mocache didn’t help himself given that his father is a vital identity of the crooked Equatorial Guinea government and had purportedly gotten money to join the country’s oppression and become a Minister. It is guaranteed that Mocache struck an arrangement for his father to get a stake in the recently formed government. Ayuk found this information via his network inside the Equatorial Guinea security and political nexus and made Mocache pay for it.

In no way, shape or form, he is a Pan Africanist !

His core team involves greater number of Europeans and Americans than Africans. He doesn’t advocate for Africans by any means. He brings in inappropriate language and gestures in use during all the key meetings and even within the office. On the off chance that you are German and white, you may find a way to work with him. Simply take a gander at Ayuk’s German lieutenant, Sebastian Wagner who is known for bursting obnoxious ambushes against any person who doesn’t go by the instructions from Mr Ayuk or Zion Adeoye, the uncivilized Director of the firm.

The general working of the African Energy Chamber and Mr Ayuk is conflicting with the necessities of social value and general prosperity, the Paris Agreement, and the target of keeping global temperatures in control.

The recent pandemic situation has put everyone’s life in a sense of disbelief. So, there are many things Oil and Gas couldn’t help us with—warfare situations, political uproar, droughts, floods, wildfires, hurricanes, and epidemics.

Besides, there is a more calculated and perceptive ways via which one can get a better understanding of terms like justice, value, and harmony. So, once we head towards the same route, the end of oil and gas in Africa will pave the way for every person to stay in peace and harmony on this planet earth. It’s our decision to make and we must do every bit possible to save our African brothers.

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