Garden wall capping and coping pavers are architectural materials used for securing, protecting and decorating garden walls. As the term ‘capping’ suggests, they serve as a cap or a top surface cover. Often placed on parapets and even free-standing walls and pillars, they provide great finesse to your garden area. 

Garden Wall Capping & Bullnose Coping Materials 

Garden wall capping products come in materials like natural stones, tiles, brick, cast stones, terrazzo, concretes, metals etc. Usually, the cappings are meant to slide off rainwater from its surface. Even decorative and designing factors come with capping and coping products. Here are 4 garden wall capping materials with stylised coping projections or edges:

Bullnose Coping Pavers– The term ‘bullnose’ refers to the rounded nose of a bull. Hence, bullnose coping pavers have a smooth and rounded edge giving them a finished look. Bullnose coping pavers mainly have projections that prevent rainwater from reaching the wall below. Therefore, many cappings and coping pavers are made of water-resistant and frost resistant features. The curbed edge of bullnose coping slides the snow or frost away without hitting the wall. Many top surfaces have double slopes to maximize their use. For garden seats, pools, pillars, walls and gates bullnose coping pavers make an excellent choice. It adds aesthetic and architectural appeal to your garden, building corners, verandahs and countertops. The rounded edges also prevent you from getting hurt, unlike sharp edges. Usually plain, textured or stone concretes are used for garden wall capping and bullnose coping. 

Rocky-Faced Coping– This type of garden coping gives it a natural and rustic look. The rough texture and chiselled face give the surface an aesthetic appeal, blending with nature. Australian sandstone pavers are best for this type of capping. 

Pencil Coping– This type of garden capping finishes give the walls a modern and urban look. The edges are slightly rounded to reduce the sharpness. They are hard and durable. The stones look shiny under sunlight making your garden appear brighter and welcoming. 

Pier Coping & Capping– These are available in a variety of patterns and designs. Dark grey bluestone or basalt, sandstone pavers are popular choices. Pier stone caps are stone slabs that provide a perfect finish to your garden gate pillars and sheds. Apart from providing protection and support, they add to the aesthetic appeal of your garden. 

Ceramic Cappings– Ceramic capping gives a shiny and plushy look to the garden walls and pillars. They are best to be used in wet areas as they have a low porosity rate and are resistant to moisture and impact. They are easier to maintain and clean and are available in innumerable patterns and designs. 

So whichever kind of look you desire for your garden can be attained by making the right choice of capping and coping pavers. Be it age-old, classic or rustic look or modern, sleek and classy appearance, you can have it all by visiting your nearby concrete retailers or online websites.

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