5 Warning Signs To Look Out For With Your Hot Water Heater Service

5 Warning Signs To Look Out For With Your Hot Water Heater Service

There’s no denying that water is the most valuable resource within our homes, and a lot of us take for granted just how much water we utilize on a daily basis for tasks like cooking, cleaning and bathing. 

Hot water is necessary for all sorts of different tasks, particularly bathing and washing your dishes. One big problem that a lot of American households are currently experiencing is that their water heaters are from the early 2000s if not the 90s, so they’re starting water heater lifetimes are dwindling on a massive scale. 

We’ve teamed up with a hot water heater service specialist to help us develop this list of warning signs that people need to keep a lookout for when it comes to their water heaters. It’s many times difficult to know when you need water heater repairs, so here are some of the common warning signs that people experience: 

Your Water Heater Is Getting Old 

Residential water heaters are only meant to last around 10 years, but sometimes they can last a little bit longer. The biggest problem is that most homeowners don’t conduct regular upkeep on a yearly basis, and this then leads their water heaters to stop working.

If you’re not sure how old your water heater is, then you should check out the serial number that’s written on the device’s sticker. If your water heater is showing any other warning signs that we’ll list below, then you should start considering a replacement in the near future. 

The Water Heater Is Making Weird Noises 

It’s common for aging or faulty water heaters to make banging or rambling sounds, and this is a clear warning sign that something is up and that you’re going to need a replacement. One of the main causes for these sounds is an excess amount of sediment buildup, because sediment can many times accumulate within these tanks. 

If sediment buildup is neglected for too long, it’ll thicken and then cause the water heater to rapidly deteriorate. 

You Have Rusty Tap Water 

When your home’s water supply is consistently exposed to metals within your plumbing system, it’ll create corrosion that gets pretty bad once your water heater’s sacrificial anode becomes completely exhausted. This type of corrosion is very bad for your water heater, and it’ll make your water heater begin to rust as time goes along. 

Rust is one of those warning signs that will indicate that it’s time to get a replacement, or that you may need to replace your faucets and pipes. Rust simply is an early warning sign for very serious issues, so it’s important to be proactive when you notice this type of situation at your home. 

Your Hot Water Supply Runs Out Too Quickly 

A water heater’s overall functionality will many times start to get worse as it gets older, so if you’re having an issue getting warm water on a consistent basis then you should start considering a replacement water heater. 

This is the type of issue that a plumbing expert needs to check out for you, because it may be possible for them to conduct a repair and help you avoid a replacement that’s much more expensive. 

Water Is Puddling Next To Your Water Heater 

Water puddles near your water heater is an indication that your tank is leaking, and it’s a serious issue that will require you to get a replacement as soon as possible. Your water heater tank is going to be consistently expanding and contracting, and these slight movements can sometimes evoke fracture. 

It’s possible that these fractures will create a tank burst, so you should always get a replacement prior to this type of plumbing emergency.  

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