Most Common Types of Air Conditioning Servicing For Residential Households

Most Common Types of Air Conditioning Servicing For Residential Households

It’s that time of year when our AC units have been on full blast all summer long and may start experiencing issues, which is why August and September are perfect months to invest in air conditioning servicing at your household. 

There are many AC services and repairs out there that homeowners need to be aware of, because you’ll never know what exactly your system is experiencing until you get professional care. So below we’ll be going over some of the most common types of air conditioning servicing that occur at residential households across America! 

Replacing Fuses 

The overall purpose of your AC unit’s fuses is to ensure that the entire system doesn’t ever get overloaded, but these fuses will generally fail over long periods of time and simply need to be replaced by experts. 

Old electrical connections need to be checked up on each year, and the late summer months are good time to make sure that your system’s fuses are prepared for the future. 

Replacing Air Filters 

Clogged AC air filters can dramatically reduce the amount of air flow that goes into your home, which can make the air quality throughout your home decrease. 

It’s always important to replace your AC air filters on a regular basis, and this is often a DIY project that homeowners take on themselves. 

Replacing Your AC System’s Thermostat 

When an AC system’s thermostat breaks, a home’s environment can become unbearable during the summer months. This is largely because your unit’s thermostat is responsible for honing in on things like temperature and airflow. 

Defrost Control Repairs 

Defrost controls are crucial features of your home’s AC system, because they help ensure the overall functionality of your unit while minimizing the risks of frost buildup. Ice buildup can cause AC units to not proper correctly, which can lead to even more costly repairs if left neglected. 

Replacing A Condenser Fan 

Your AC’s condenser fan will essentially draw in air within your unit to help the unit cool itself down, and this is a common feature on outdoor AC units that are left out in hot temperatures. All the harsh weather and wear and tear associated with leaving an AC unit outside will eventually take its toll, which is why condenser fan replacements are necessary every now and again for every home. 

And it’s important to repair a failing condenser, because neglecting these repairs can lead to even bigger issues with the unit’s compressor! 

Repairing or Replacing A Unit’s Compressor 

An AC unit’s compressor is the part of the system that moves refrigerant throughout the entirety of the unit, so there’s no denying that these features are crucial for the entire system’s integrity. 

When an AC compressor fails due to any kind of wear and tear, it becomes absolutely necessary to fix it because the unit will not work at all! 

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It’s always a huge bummer when your home’s air conditioning system starts to malfunction, and this is especially the case during the middle of the summer months! 

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