Importance of pre-shipment inspection china before the final inspection

Importance of pre-shipment inspection china before the final inspection

Early product testing is an important component of your ability to deliver high-quality products to your client base on time. If you solely rely on the final product inspections rather than mixing it with the early and during product testing, it can be a time-consuming option for you. These inspections with a skilled company can save you from the trouble of rework on the same products.

Early inspection

The early inspections of the product take place early in the manufacturing or production phase. Usually, the inspection is carried out previous that 20% completion of the production for an order. Especially if you are importing the products from China or other oversea companies, this type of inspection is the most effective option. This inspection can give you the most valuable insight the actual capacity of the factory and the level or standard of preparation of your orders. With the pre-production inspection, you can identify easily the problems or issues involved in the manufacturing process and can rectify them before the production is completed by saving your money and time.

It is also important to use a specialist team to conduct the pre-shipment inspection or the early inspections. They can visit the factories in China on your behalf and will inspect the finished production status of your products. They can give you a detailed understanding of the actual manufacturing timelines or whether this complies with all your requirements. It can check what the overall production capacity of the factory is and what quality issues need to adjust to ensure the utmost satisfying quality at the final run.

Other important features of the pre-production inspection services are like:

Verifying the status of your raw materials for the production purpose

Checking the quality of your all packaging materials intended for display and shipping

Whether the partially completed goods are perfect and at the right stage of production

From raw materials to shipping packaging, an early inspection can save you from so many errors and can help you to rectify them to get the best product from the China suppliers

During production inspection

Your final inspection is not enough because if you conduct only the final inspection, you will get very less chance to rectify the errors and you need to start the production from the beginning. This can cost a lot of time and money both. During production, inspections are especially recommended if you are dealing first time with a factory or supply chain of China. They take place when your production is 2- to 60% completed the final shipment. It can give you a detailed look at the manufacturing process, workflow and material usages. It is also important for the shipment of the sizable quantity of the products where the continuous process of production can lead to more swings in the standard of quality.

Like the earlier production inspection during production, inspection is equally effective when you are importing products or parts from China. Hiring the pre-shipment inspectionfor early inspection is the most effective ways of preventing and identifying all the possible delays and bottlenecks.

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