How Modern Technology Has Changed the Truck Tyre Industry

How Modern Technology Has Changed the Truck Tyre Industry

The truck tyre industry is transforming faster than ever, and the use of modern technology has led to its evolution. This wave of technological development has assisted in the change of every aspect of the truck tyre industry, from the manufacturing equipment to the tyre itself.

Improvements in the automotive industry have been occurring for centuries, from the first vehicle, to the first vehicle that didn’t need a driver – lots of things have changed. Some of the factors that have led to such improvements include technology, environmental issues, and productivity.

As every vehicle gets more advanced, every part of the vehicle needs to move with it and become just as advanced. How would a modern automated vehicle look with an old ply tyre? I can’t imagine it would be very good.

So, here are some of the most recent aspects of modern technology improving truck tyres:

Smart Tyres

This is one of the most significant areas where technology has played a role in tyres. An underinflated, or deflated tyre is one of the most common reasons for an accident occurring. Smart tyres allow you to track and monitor the wear and pressure of your tyres digitally.

Many known brands are already working on this technology; Continental tyres have even already experimented with smart tyres in other countries. So, soon we might get to drive with these intelligent tyres in Australia. Smart tyres will decrease the time and costs of your tyre maintenance along with maximising efficiency, especially for truck drivers and freight companies.

Advanced Tyre Development & Creation

Everything in current society, moves extremely quickly, whether that be technology or the fact that everyday thousands of companies purchase truck tyres. So, to fulfil this need, advancements in tyre development processes and creation is a must.

The process of tyre making also highly impacts the quality of the tyres. From designing the truck tyres to curing them, advanced technology is crucial to enhancing the quality of the end product. The more technologically advanced the machinery that creates and develop s the tyre, the better the tyres are likely to be.

Run-Flat Tyres

One of the most exciting developments in tyre technology is the run-flat tyre. You can drive with run-flat tyres even if they are punctured. When conventional tyres are punctured, the tyre’s surface collapses, and the wheel touches the road, which destroys the tyre and the wheels.

Most automobile companies have started to implement this type of tyre to increase vehicle durability. Run-flat tyres also help to decrease fuel consumption.

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