Dentists Miller are registered specialists who offer all-inclusive dental care services including emergency treatments. Emergency Dentist Sydney works in collaboration with dentists Miller to treat patients coming from the nearby suburbs of Sydney. 

Team of Dentist Miller

Dentist Miller has a team of efficient dentists comprising of dental specialists like :

  • Orthodontists,
  •  Endodontists,
  • Prosthodontists, 
  • Periodontists and 
  • Pedodontists

The team also consists of auxiliaries like:

  • Technicians,
  •  Assistants or Interns 
  • Dental Therapist 
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Periodontist etc. 

Dental Emergency Services Provided in Sydney by Dentist Miller

Emergency dental issues involve high importance teeth problems and issues related to the supporting tissues. Dental emergencies may occur due to sudden and acute pain, accidents, broken or displaced jaws, broken dentures, braces, haemorrhage, loose or lost implants etc. The seriousness of the patient’s condition and situation determine the treatment required. In cases of fractures, individual response to dental trauma determines the degree of emergency. Fractures can occur anywhere in the dental region and the surrounding bones. Based on the severity of the fracture treatment facilities are provided by the emergency team of dentist Miller.

Emergency dentists in Sydney, also handle cases associated with fungal, viral and bacterial infections. Odontogenic pain due to the growth of the tooth in the dental pulp is considered under emergency. Peri-radicular pain in the tissue can be severe, demanding immediate attention. Trauma to the tongue and those related to facial fracture or modification is also treated by emergency dentists in Sydney. 

Emergency cases related to bacterial, fungal or viral infections are also treated. Peri-radicular pain in the tissues or odontogenic pain associated with the emergence of a tooth in the dental pulp is also considered an emergency.

Types of Dental Emergencies 

Dental emergencies include restorative emergencies, acute oral medical and surgical emergencies as well as orthodontic emergencies. 

Restorative Emergencies 

This type of emergency includes:

  • Lost & broken teeth or dislodged filling
  • Crack and Fracture
  • Broken denture and crown
  • Broken or Loose Implants and Braces

Acute Oral or Surgical Emergencies 

  • Cellulitis 
  • Orofacial Swelling
  • Pericoronitis
  • Haemorrhage 
  • Trismus
  • Oral ulceration 
  • Odontogenic cyst
  • Post-operative swelling etc

Orthodontic Emergencies 

  • Protruding archwires
  • Lost separator or spacer
  • Loose or Fractured Removable Appliance
  • Allergic or hypersensitivity reactions
  • Ingested or aspirated component 
  • Airway Obstruction 
  • De-bonded brackets, etc. 

So, whatever be the case, dentist Miller is well-equipped with advanced technology and skills to solve your dental problems and emergencies. The team of efficient dentists provide both surgical and medicinal treatments at standard rates and welcome you for yearly checkups, evaluation and cleaning. The experts are well versed in public dental health policies relevant to oral health and provide you with a stress-free and painless experience with positive outcomes. A separate team of emergency dentists in Sydney are always ready to relieve you and your family members from all dental troubles. 

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