Grand Ideas for Small Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

Don’t let budgetary restrictions hamper your small bathroom renovations in Sydney. Here’s a guide on optimizing small bathrooms – 

If you own a small bathroom, you’ve probably heard that your design or décor options are limited. Although it’s indeed easier to decorate spacious bathrooms, small bathrooms too can be renovated and made more spacious, more functional, and more aesthetically appealing.

From the types of bathroom vanities, you buy to the types of showers you install – various factors impact the décor of small bathrooms. Here are some grand ideas for small bathroom renovations in Sydney that’ll help homeowners make the most of their minimal bathroom spaces.

Focus on Storage 

Small bathrooms have one fatal flaw – limited storage space. As homeowners buy more toiletries, cosmetics, and other restroom products, their small bathrooms start to feel smaller. Instead of shoving everything inside tight cabinets, they should try out these simple renovation tricks – 

  • Open Shelves

Open shelves are easy to install. They can be mounted against bathroom walls and used to store bathroom accessories. Their open design also makes them ideal for showing off bathroom vanities. 

  • Sink Skirts

Also known as vanity skirts, the products allow bathroom owners to transform the empty spaces underneath their bathroom sinks into useful storage spaces. These skirts are available in various colours, so they can also be used to boost the bathroom’s decor. 

  • Creative Storage Solutions 

When you have limited storage space, you need to use your creativity. So, don’t refrain from trying out different storage techniques like – using small wooden crates as temporary containers, using step stools to store bath products, or buying small-sized vanity units with multiple drawers. 

Invest in Space-Efficient Furniture Items

Before getting small bathroom renovations in Sydney, homeowners must go shopping and pick bathroom furnishings that are compact, multipurpose, and easy to store. Here are some furniture installations that homeowners must consider – 

  • Compact vanity units with multiple drawers; storing small items like cosmetic products becomes a lot easier with these units.
  • Wall-mounted medicine cabinets to store the essentials. By installing these cabinets, homeowners can save precious floor space.
  • Wall-mounted magazine racks.
  • Cabinets that are customized for narrow bathrooms.

These furniture items will help make small bathroom spaces feel bigger. 

Experiment with Different Colours

While getting small bathroom renovations in Sydney, colour combinations are often the last thing on the minds of homeowners. But they shouldn’t be. Experimenting with different colours in your small bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean getting expensive paint jobs. Homeowners can choose bathroom tiles, rugs, towels, bathrobes, soap dishes, and other accessories that feature calming colours like – off-white, grey, beige, etc. 

Create Walk-In Shower Spaces

Walk-in shower enclosures offer many benefits. Firstly, they serve as dedicated shower spaces in small bathrooms. Homeowners won’t have to deal with issues like shower water touching their precious bathroom vanities ever again. These enclosures also provide views of the entire bathrooms from their entryways, making them appear more airy and spacious. 

If bathroom owners add mirrors to their small walk-in shower enclosures, they can create illusions of additional space. These shower spaces are also very easy to clean. As long as homeowners use stain and moisture-resistant tiles, these shower spaces will serve them well for many years. 

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