Debunking Some Common Myths About Arthritis

Debunking Some Common Myths About Arthritis

One of the most talked-about diseases of the 21st century is Arthritis. According to the best orthopedic surgeon in Islamabad, arthritis is commonly known as a condition in which a person suffers from inflammation in the joints.

Despite it being one of the most common conditions around the globe, we humans falter on the real facts and figures that are associated with this disease. 

Today we have compiled some of the common arthritis myths so that by debunking them we can set the facts straight. 

Myth No 1: Only Older Adults Develop Arthritis

It is a common notion and a rather cemented fact that people of old age have a high tendency of developing arthritis. According to various significant studies, 49.7% of the adults that develop or get diagnosed with arthritis are above the age of 50. 

But the same study also reported that adults who were around the age of 45-65 were also get diagnosed with the same inflammation of the joints. Thus the myth that only older people get this disease is busted. Old age is a significant risk factor but any age group under dire conditions can get affected by this disease. 

Thus get over the fact that it is just the normal part of aging. Because if that was the case then no child would get diagnosed with arthritis. But recently children are also getting diagnosed with this joint disease. 

Myth No 2: Arthritis is Not a Serious Condition, It is Just Joint Pain

Well ask an arthritis patient and they will set you straight for your whole lifetime. For all those of you who think that it is just joint pain, arthritis is so much more than that. And let us also set this record straight that not all types of joint pain can fall under the category of arthritis. 

Apart from arthritis, there are a number of other health complications that can be the reason for joint pain such as:

  • Sports injuries
  • Tendinitis
  • Bursitis
  • And other sorts of injuries

If left untreated arthritis can become a rather painful experience. Thus if anyone has ever given you advice that you should ignore this pain, you should ignore the person instead. 

Myth No 3: You Have Arthritis You Shouldn’t Exercise

Exercise can also be known as the physical activity that keeps your body and mind in shape. There is a common notion that if you have inflammation in your joints then you should not indulge in physical activities. 

All they have to do is consult with their medical health provider so that they can devise a physical regime that they can follow. Exercise is something that can help to maintain a range of emotions under such circumstances. People need to understand that exercise and arthritis can coexist. In fact, people who opt for exercise do not complain about pain and have improved sleep patterns. 

Myth no 4: Heat Works Better for Sore Joints than Ice

Well, it is just a myth and nothing more. Both ice and heat are what works perfectly to soothe the inflamed and sore joints. When used in a correct manner, ice and heat can be the perfect remedy to ease joint pain. 

The thing to do here is that before any physical activity you should use heat so that the stiffness and pain can be reduced. And then a cold sensation can be used to relieve the painful muscles from all the inflammation especially if there is swelling after any physical activity. 

Myth no 5: Whatever You Do You Cannot Prevent Arthritis

Well, there does not exist a single disease that one cannot prevent (other than cancer). With a proper diet plan and physical activity, a person can prevent a number of health complications. Yes, it is true that one cannot prevent every risk factor for arthritis that is there such as age. 

But the other risk factors such as injuries and body weight can be prevented. Maintaining a moderate weight is one such thing. In addition to all this, tobacco smoking is also a major risk factor for the onset of arthritis. Thus if you choose to quit smoking then you are definitely giving both your money and health a much-needed kickstart and break. 

If you are an athlete, you should try to keep yourself protected so that the chances of any fatal sports injury are not there. By lowering the chances of the risk factors you can try to minimize the chances of acquiring this disease. 

The Bottom Line

Arthritis is a serious bone and joint disease that affects millions on an annual basis. This disease mainly affects women. On-time treatment is the key to the control of the disease. If you need more information you can consult with your primary healthcare advisor in such regards.

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