41 Things To Do On Your Birthday

We all get excited many days before our birthdays, and we start thinking about how we gonna celebrate. It is because we always had some kind ok celebration on our birthdays and now it feels like the birthday is meant to be celebrated anyhow.

It is our parents who celebrate our birthdays with style and in a grand manner all the years. There were home decorations, guests, gifts, and lots of food on birthday eve. And when we grow up, all the celebration shifts towards having fun out of the home with friends only. The way of celebrating birthday changes again when after someone gets married and again after attaining old age. It means that birthday celebrations always find a different way.

But, today we will show you what the many interesting and exciting things that you can do on your birthday along with cutting a cake ordered by your love ones from online cake delivery in Kolkata or wherever you live are.

Here you go!

Write a thank you letter to your parents for bringing you into this world and taking care of you selflessly.

Spend the day with those who love you more than their own children; your Grand Parents.

Promise yourself to leave that habit of your’s which your parents don’t like.

Take blessings from your parents by touching their feet the very moment you wake up.

Do some snow sports like skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling.

Go water skiing, wakeboarding, or wakeskating.

Play board less, card fewer games like truth or dare, would you rather, or charades.

Have a family and friends get-together at home with your home-cooked favourite meal.

Have a picnic at the park and watch the sunset (bring back the nostalgic vibes).

Stay at an all-inclusive resort or have 5-star hotel experience.

Do things to overcome one of your fears, like watching a horror movie.

Have a foodie day where you eat your favourite foods or visit your favourite restaurants.

Pick up your bicycle and have a long ride early in the morning.

Spend the day trying out different cuisines and restaurants you’ve never tried before.

Take a day off from the hustle and bustle of city life. Visit your village and enjoy the day in peace.

Get a makeover with a new look – new haircut, makeup, and wardrobe.

Learn a new artistic skill such as calligraphy or water coloring.

Take your Mom and Dad to a sacred place or a famous temple.

Feed street dogs and other animals around you.

Start saving water and motivate your friends and family for the same.

Find the most relaxing spa in town and check yourself in for a full day of pampering.

Don’t expect a gift from others instead give yourself a gift.

Take poor kids to a restaurant and throw a party for them.

Tale oath to help the needy ones in any way you can.

There is nothing more calming than the sand beneath your feet and freshwater touching your legs again and again. Plan a trip to the beach!

Write Down Your Accomplishments Over the Last Twelve Months.

Make a bucket list of the things that you want to do in life and start working hard for them.

Visit a science museum and see the celestial objects using a bioscope.

Get a Karaoke Room booked so that you and your friends can sing your heart out without any embarrassment.

Spend some time on your birthday reflecting on how far you’ve come already, but also spend some time planning the rest of your year.

Take a day off from all your gadgets.

Start donating a part of your income to charity and be the help for someone.

Bake a special birthday cake for yourself. You can learn how to bake from Youtube.

If the thought of jumping out of a plane doesn’t bother you in the slightest, surely this is one of the most exciting ways to spend your birthday!

 How about throwing a pool party for your friends? The best thing to do if your birthday falls in summer.

 Have a marathon of top-rated web series on an OTT platform.

 Test drive a supercar and enjoy the thrill! It’s totally free!

 Visit a massage parlour and have a full body massage to relax down.

 Be your Mom’s helping hand for doing household chores.

 Try Scuba diving and experience the beauty of under-water life.

 Paint your old and favourite pair of shoes and give them life again!

You can also do all the things one after the other on alternate days!

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