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Things That Make You Love and Hate Christmas

Every person has their sentiments joined with festivals. Many people like Christmas celebrations while some don’t. All have their reasons for their emotional feelings added in this Christmas blog. Christmas seems to celebrate with extreme joy and love. These sentiments don’t remain for all peoples. What are your reasons to love and hate Christmas? What are some of the common reasons for hating and loving it? Do you want to acknowledge it? If yes, then you can find some explanations in this article. 

 Things That Make You Love and Hate Christmas 

What leads Christmas to love or hate it? 

There seem many things that make people love it or hate it. You can admire the different tastes in your life. Suppose you seem to land with sour and sweet food items. Everyone would have an additional choice regarding their preference. One doesn’t hate or love Christmas from their very first birthday. 

A person develops their love and hates thoughts after experiencing any situation. You can admire it better with clothes that suit you best. Even a single complement of looking beautiful and fat can change your decision to wear that cloth. It happens because of the permanent memory power of the brain. This memory gets immediately indulged with the emotions of people. After this, they react in the future depending on this emotion. As time progress, we might tend to forget the situation that occurred in life. But the crummy experience seems not to get forgettable quickly.

What are the reasons for loving Christmas?  

Our brain always tries to grab the positive vibes from the surrounding medium. Therefore we might always feel happy with our surroundings. Many children who get good treating at Christmas love it to celebrate. They admire it as a full-time vacation to enjoy.

What is the reason for hating Christmas?  

Christmas doesn’t seem as similar for adults as children. Many of them dislike their Christmas celebration since their childhood days. What might reason behind it? Many of the children have to make their Christmas without any treating. Also, they cannot enjoy it with their family. There might find many severe reasons behind it. As time passes out child grows up well but not his memories. Therefore he will never like to celebrate Christmas. 

How can one transfuse their hate rates into loveable? 

Here I mentioned in A Christmas blog, many people believe that memories seem unchangeable. Therefore they don’t even try to change it. Mainly this scenario develops in crummy experiences. But following modern science, one can easily change their memories. There possesses a succulent method designated as Reconsolidation. It can tend to change the memory of people accessibly. 

Science certainly has relevance to the mechanism behind it. One can accessibly ruin their crummy experiences from life. Not only related with Christmas, one can overcome all phobia too. It seems just a belief of people to love and hate Christmas. There possess many other ways through which you can change your memories related to Christmas. What appears your reason for loving or hating Christmas? Is your reason seems to cover in this article? Do you like to transfuse your hating in a loveable atmosphere? If yes, you can follow the process of Reconsolidation.


There seem many people who love to celebrate Christmas. They always welcome their new year with great charm. You can also accessibly change your feeling towards Christmas as time passes.  

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