Cleaning Sunglasses the Right Way

Cleaning Sunglasses the Right Way

Cleaning eyepieces like sunglasses and eyeglasses regularly is one of the best ways to keep them looking good and prevent its lenses from scratches and other damage. But there are a good and right way – and tons of wrong ways – to polish these things.

How to clean eyepieces

Follow these simple tips to polish your sunglass frames and lenses without the risk of scratching them or causing other possible damages. These tips will help owners keep their sunglasses, prescription glasses, and sports eyepieces in good shape.

Wash and dry hands thoroughly

Before cleaning eyepieces, owners need to make sure their hands are free from grime, dirt, lotion, and other things that can potentially be transferred to the lens. Use a dishwashing liquid or lotion-free soap and a lint-free towel to dry and clean the hands.

Rinse the sunglasses under a gentle flow of lukewarm water

It will remove debris and dust, which can help avoid scratching the lens when people are cleaning them. Avoid hot water, because it can damage sunglass coatings.

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Apply small drops of lotion-free soaps or dishwashing liquids to the lens. A lot of dishwashing liquid is pretty concentrated, so when washing the glasses, only use a small amount. Users can also apply a small drop of soap to the fingertip so they can control how much to use. Only use brands that do not have lotions in them.

Gently rub the inner and outer side of the sunglasses and the entire frame for a couple of seconds

Users need to make sure that they polish every inch of the sunglass, including its nose pads, as well as the ends of the temple that rest behind the ears. Not only that, clean the spot where the edge of the sunglass meets the frame. Skin oils, debris, and dust usually accumulate in that area.

Rinse the sunglass thoroughly

Failing to remove traces of soap will cause the eyewear to be smeared when you wipe them with a clean towel.

Slowly shake the eyepiece to eliminate the water from the lens

Inspect both sides of the shades carefully and slowly to make sure they are squeaky clean.

Dry the frame and lenses with a lint-free and pristine towel

Use a clean dish towel that has not been washed with a fabric softener or a dry sheet since these things can smear the lens. Cotton towels that people use to polish glassware are an excellent choice. Users need to make sure that the towel is pristine.

The debris and dirt trapped in the towel fiber can scratch the lens. Cooking oil, lotion, or skin oil in the towel can smear them. Eyepieces like Saint Laurent Sunglasses are very sensitive when it comes to their lenses, so make sure only approved cleaners are used.

Double-check the lenses

If any smudges or streaks remain, make sure to remove them using a cleansed pristine cloth. Clean and lint-free cloths are readily available at photography stores or optical shops.

For retouch cleaning of the sunglass when users do not have the supplies mentioned above, try pre-moistened and individually packaged disposable cleaning wipes. These things are specifically formulated to be used on eyewear lenses.

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