Teal Swan

Teal Swan – Acceptance of The Whole Truth is the Essence of Love

When it comes to modern life today, you will find it is fast-paced and lacks authenticity. People are racing against each other and are always on a pretense. This is why most people across the world are unhappy, and they face relationships, work, and other issues. Sometimes the sorrow, pain, and suffering are so high and intense that they need the loving hand of a spiritual mentor or teacher to guide them. 

Teal Swan and her mission to make the world a better and positive place

Teal Swan is a popular and esteemed figure in personal transformation. Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she was born with a wide range of extrasensory abilities and deploy her unique gifts to help men and women worldwide. Her compassion and kindness are immense, and she is able to impact the lives of several people as she has suffered pain too. 

She was a victim of severe child abuse, and she uses her own personal experience to help others come out of this pain and suffering. According to her, if she did not have that phase in her life, she might have generally preached about the esoteric knowledge of the universe and would have just had half the picture of human pain and suffering. 

Knowing the whole truth 

She believes that when people become true, they are restored to wholeness. This will positively impact the world and the globe and will be restored to wholeness too. She assists people in accepting themselves and stepping into their own authenticity. In this way, they are able to discover their hidden potential and lead meaningful and truthful life. 

They need to accept reality 

Acceptance of the truth is often difficult as people often do not want to see the real picture. They are not ready to look at things exactly the way they are, and so they are stuck in their misery for life. She believes that when you look at the whole reality and truth, you are actually able to embrace freedom, joy, and authenticity. The opposite can also be true at times where you do not feel uncomfortable after knowing the truth. 

At times, it is most comfortable for you to express to the other person what you feel. However, it can be equally uncomfortable for you to hear someone else’s true feelings and thoughts. They should never be suppressed as the only secret to a real relationship is the truth has to be placed on the table for both people. 

According to Teal Swan, if this truth is hidden, you cannot love any person truly. This is because you cannot see reality at that given point in time. You are, in essence, pure love, and you have an illusion of yourself that leaves you open and vulnerable to the true individual you really are. It is in this way that you can honestly love someone and yourself. You subsequently lead an honest and pure life with meaning, joy, and bliss. 

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