Reddy Kancharla

Reddy Kancharla – How Can You Build Sky Scrapers That Last for Life

Skyscrapers are more than just simple blocks of concrete that are put together until they reach huge heights. They are building icons, and they often symbolize power and greatness. When it comes to constructing a skyscraper, it should be designed perfectly. Its creativity should be unique, and it should have a distinct appeal. Those skyscrapers that have attempted to copy one that is already existing have been the subject of huge criticism in the past. It is a small world, so the design of the building should be unique and one of its kind in the world of civil engineering. 

Reddy Kancharla – Skyscrapers that bring pride to the community 

Reddy Kancharla is an esteemed name in the field of construction and civil engineering. He completed his education at Osmania University in Hyderabad, India, and obtained his master’s in civil engineering from the Texas Tech University at Lubbock. He has over 25 years of valuable experience in projects that involve geotechnical consultation, civil construction, construction QA/QC and has ten years of experience in senior management. 

He has been involved in several iconic projects over the past years himself, and they include many high-rise developments in New York City like the USTA National Tennis Center, the Yankee Stadium, Giants/Jets Stadium, and the Terminals of 1, 4, 5, and 7 of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport. 

Must stand unique and tall 

In his opinion, any skyscraper should provide the onlooker a unique experience to anyone who enters inside it. For instance, take Dubai’s most famous skyscrapers, the Burj Khalifa- it is indeed one of the most iconic skyscrapers in the world and the greatest. It is approximately twice as tall as the World Trade Center was, and its unique experience gives you a picturesque view of the whole city. However, in some cases, height might not always be an eye-catcher. For instance, The Marina Bay Sands Hotel located in Singapore boasts the largest infinity pool on its rooftop. The bottom line here is that the skyscraper should be known to offer a unique experience that is different from its peers. 

Tough to last for life and be remembered by the community forever 

At the same time, the skyscraper needs to be built solid and tough. It must survive in the face of any natural element that might hit it at any given point in time. This is where the knowledge of deflection comes in handy as it is vital for the construction of a skyscraper. 

When a building moves some inches from the bottom, it often becomes magnified as it elevates to the higher floors.  The reason for this is that skyscrapers are very tall. They should be constructed in such a way as to withstand the movement so that they can survive earthquakes and typhoons. 

In short, if the skyscrapers are able to overcome the above shock test that nature puts out to them, they will last for a lifetime. This means the community can enjoy their presence more, and they can be remembered forever. 

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