Richard Bishara - Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Business

Richard Bishara – Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Business

In this fast-paced technological world, several things like fast-tracking revenue growth, smoothening of operations, and proficiency of manpower will measure your workflow efficiency. New technologies have been reshaping the industries and businesses nowadays. It is an innovative time with futuristic technology. According to Richard Bishara, one of the most widely adopted advancements in technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. It is the latest tech trend in enterprises. 

What is artificial intelligence technology?

 It is a branch of computer science dealing with building small machines that are capable of performing the tasks of human intelligence. In past months, an AI machine completed the university-level math exam 12 times faster than the human ability. It is artificial intelligence that learns and adapts programs and implements with the best-ever intelligence. It is an interdisciplinary branch of science with machine learning advancements creating a paradigm shift in every sector brought online. Many companies have already started to work with AI technology though it still is in its nascent stage and developing every minute.

Artificial intelligence trends followed in 2020 which brought a great impact were:-

  • Customer support and assistance through AI
  • Versatility in data access enabling 
  • Positive augmented analytics 
  • Enhanced automation 
  • Real-time marketing activities and strategies 

Al has been shaping the business approach constantly. Whatever be the reason to consider AI as the potential technology, it will change your business and the way the latter currently operates. Artificial technologies have reduced operational costs, increased efficiency,  improved customer services, and increased revenue rates.

Artificial Intelligence has become the replacement for human intelligence though it is incapable of completing general tasks in the real world. The software can perform synthesized courses of action, so humans can leverage it to bring possible consequences of actions and simplify the decision-making processes. For instance, it is highly valuable for the visitors while walking around a corporate campus in terms of suggesting directions. Or it can handle complex tasks like monitoring a wind turbine and foreseeing the repair requirements, that even a human cannot do. It delivers a better understanding of energy usage and maintenance demands with the help of machine learning algorithms. 

All these traits make it a smart technology impacting multiple industries including customer relationship management, manufacturing industries, ICT, insurance, health care, banking, and many more. 

5 business aspects impacted by AI

Improvement in sales and marketing

Thousands of companies are competing against each other to stand out in the industry. Al provides valuable data analytics and faster-processed information after pondering upon the historical data, mistakes, and loopholes.

Researchers have found that Al improves the marketing campaigns with analytics and also creates automated content and web pages. Richard Bishara presents the AI benefits and says it also helps in customer engagement through social platforms and nurtures the client’s journey to contribute more to conversion and sales. 

AI’s potential impact also proves that its real-time content targeting increases the conversion rate by 20%. It demands only defined standards of customer persona to deal with the different stages. Its use of machine learning ensures that the right product is in front of the right customer at the right time. 

Revolution in e-commerce

A huge difference is noticed in the e-commerce industry since the arrival of Al. Now that the customers get a personalized experience it attracts them more to the market. AI machines gather all the client’s information such as purchasing behavior and then customizes the offers and promotions for them. It also helps to improve customer security by avoiding breaches of sensitive information. Now not only the industries such as packaging, logistics, and others have been leveraging AI, rather almost all sets have expanded their reach. The AI has proved to be trending in the e-commerce business and might also lead to decreased manual employment. 

Great company performance

Earlier AI was only limited to the market performance, but now it has expanded its reach to several other domains such as in-house efficiency. The AI machine learning algorithms are implemented effectively throughout the company which improves the employee’s productivity and a company’s efficiency. AI also analyzes financial data to produce information worthy enough to make data-driven decisions.

AI has proved to be useful in stock market analysis. It provides sophisticated recognition methods to improve productivity. 

Seamless customer service

Nowadays the most essential key for the company’s survival out in the market is how they serve their prospective customers. The companies have to work according to the increasing expectations of the tech-savvier audience. While Demands like instant response have led to the solution of chatbots integrated with the websites. Chatbots powered by AI’s machine learning and natural language recognition capabilities are computer programs equipped with a company’s data. 24*7 chatbots improve transparency and loyalty by helping the customers to drop their queries anytime and explore the company. Hence, greater customer service leads to increased conversions.

Another example of a better customer experience is personalized messages. Using the technology, management leverages artificial intelligence to send personalized messages to their customers for renewing purchases, billings, or treatment suggestions if it is the healthcare industry. 

Overall, AI is a one-time investment to get lifetime exceptional service.  

Zero Human Error

Companies having vast data and analytics need guaranteed accuracy and up-to-date results, which are not otherwise possible with manual work. Automation is key for them to generate, store, and process error-free data.

AI technologies replace repetitive and lower-level tasks with productive work. Fraud detection keeps the data secure and away from any manipulation. 

The future of artificial intelligence

The predictions say that AI tools would become an integral part of day-to-day life. They would make the impossible possible as an example of driverless cars. Artificial intelligence in the workplace will be ubiquitous to set up completely robotized systems. Fast processes, clarity of data, safeguarded systems, automated operations, screen-imprisoned activities, and many more 3D experiences would transform everything all together. As per the experience of Richard Bishara, technology has brought a complete change in business setup, marketing system, and in the operations of the working people. 

Overall, the reason why AI is in the business field is the competitive advantage with result-led decisions, fulfillment of customer demand, and automated solutions to the problems. It has helped many businesses to reduce operational costs, improve customer experience, increase efficiency, and grow revenue. Its scope in the future is no brainer to say insurmountable.

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