Discover the best Valet Parking System

Discover the best Valet Parking System

Parking issues are a menace and usually create a lot of hassle for car owners. With the increasing use of technology and decreasing technology costs, more innovative ways are being devised every second day in the parking industry, especially in the valet category. Every aspect concerning parking is being monitored and tapped for betterment.

The Solution

The use of modern-day technology has provided numerous options for creative minds to find out the right solutions for parking issues in the form of valet parking software. Touch-less valet solutions are an innovation in the valet parking industry. It offers a variety of solutions in creating a complete and contactless valet service operation.

The Valet Parking Software

The Valet Parking Software is a unique set of tools comprising of mobiles and desktops, enabling a parking zone operator to earn greater revenue, cut down on labor costs and claims due to damages. The ultimate focus of the software is to aid in delivering high standards of customer service. It is an apt software that can be easily integrated with external software like PARCS, and of hotels and casino management systems. The software is laced with advanced features like ticketless valet, photo-based vehicle damage inspection, credit card processing, and more.

The software provides the perfect valet parking solution for airports, hospitals, hotels and casinos, mixed-used facilities, and residential parking.

Some of the salient features of the software are:

  • Pay-by-phone: A non-app application that provides secure credit card processing and supports validation and is contactless.
  • Ticketless Valet: Facilitates fully contactless valet services, supports credit card payments, reduces lost claim situations, and allows support customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Online Reservation Integration: This helps in driving revenue opportunities and supports the contactless environment. No cash to exchange, no tickets to handle, and compute and collect at early arrivals and late departures.
  • Stand Alone Validators: It makes the entire process fast and user-friendly. It is bar and QR coded compatible with wireless connection options, and contactless operations. The design is sleek and compact and can be easily configured on a tabletop or wall.
  • Contactless Payments: The technology offers Near Field Communication (NFC) payment. More options like Google Pay or Apple Pay can be integrated to give more options for customers.  
  • Guest Access Control: Benefits of electronic tickets, text, and scan for tickets, complete contactless operations, and a variety of access credentials.

Valet Parking System is an important component for many businesses. It can truly elevate the status of many businesses. A well-designed and formulated valet parking solution can ensure a seamless and carefree parking experience for visitors. The main advantage of a valet parking solution is convenience.

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