How to Keep Your Lungs Healthy: 5 Helpful Tips

How to Keep Your Lungs Healthy: 5 Helpful Tips

Have you ever had to gasp for a breath, thinking it might be your last? Suffocation is a terrifying life crisis. Having no air infused into your blood will cause your body to panic; this amplifies the stupendous fear of not being able to breathe.

Having a well functioning set of lungs is key to living long and well. Here’s how to keep your lungs healthy because every breath counts.

1. Put That Cig Down

If you’re a smoker, this should be your first thing to do. And if you’re not, don’t think about picking up the nasty habit – it’ll only do you harm.

It’s unfathomable how dangerous and strangely commonplace smoking is. Nearly half a million deaths annually are contributed to cigarettes. That’s every 1 in 5 deaths.

Smoking primarily attacks the soft tissues around the lungs, wearing them thin and producing rapidly growing, cancerous cells in their place. Even though lung cancer and emphysema are the primary concern, cigarettes negatively impact every organ in your body. Don’t smoke – seriously.

2. Fight Infections

Do not take pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses lightly. They’re very dangerous for your lungs. You should learn more about these diseases.

The constant onslaught of bacteria on your lungs devastates the structure and makeup of your organs. When you’re sick, take proper care of yourself: this includes taking antibiotics when prescribed and seeing the doctor when necessary.

Pneumonia can be a life-long chronic illness if not properly treated.

3. Getting the Proper Exercise

That’s right, the dreaded “E”-word. Get your old running shorts out of the closet and lace up your sneakers.

Getting some exercise into your life is honestly life-changing. Cardiovascular activity, in particular, can lead to substantial health benefits.

Athletes have some of the healthiest lungs because their body adapts to them being so necessary. Having healthy organs really falls under the “use it or lose it” mantra, so don’t skimp out on those morning runs.

4. Avoid Pollutants

Just like with smoking, you want to avoid anything harmful that you breathe in.

This includes:

  • Second-hand smoke
  • Harmful cleaning agents
  • Copious amounts of dust
  • Smog and poor air

Avoid pollution in the air as much as possible. It’s not always avoidable but stay out of situations that are conducive to lung damage. That means foregoing the smoking section at the bar or using harsh cleaning chemicals in an enclosed space.

5. Go to the Doctor’s Regularly

It’s a pain, but it’s necessary. Going to see your doctor should be a regular thing for every adult, healthy or otherwise.

One of the things doctors check for most are your lungs – they’re so precious, after all. They’ll notice any irregularities or things that should concern you. It’s better to find something you don’t want to find than to never find it at all.

How to Keep Your Lungs Healthy: Start Here

Having good respiratory health is essential for life itself. You should know how to keep your lungs healthy if you want to lead a great, prosperous life.

If you smoke – quit – and if you don’t, avoid it and places that present smoke. Fight illnesses when with care, they can do some mighty damage. And try to exercise and see your doctor regularly.

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