How To Have A Good Sleep According To Vastu?

When one is not sleeping in the right direction then it can disrupt the rhythm of the sleep. According to the principles of Vastu Shastra one needs to plan the interior layout of their bedroom in such a way so that they can get a harmonious sleep at night. The physical space where one sleeps on a regular basis can play a very large role in the duration and the quality of the sleep.

Sleep is a resting state where the body does not remain active and the mind is in an unconscious state. But the brain is more analytical at night and creative in the morning. Hence one needs a mental release from their work. Getting a sound sleep means one gets a chance to rejuvenate their body and mind for the next day hurdles.

A proper and experienced vastu consultant in Gurgaon can help one to get a better experience of sleep in their private place. A bed is the most important component in a bedroom. It has to be in the correct position so that one can get a good sleep so that they can remain healthy and energetic. A wrong direction of sleep and also lead to sickness and misfortune according to vastu. In fact, incorrect sleeping positions can also lead to aging, brain damage and sleeping complications.

Now, what are the advantages of a good sleep?

  • It can make one feel happy and energetic throughout the next day.
  • Sound sleep can protect one from depression.
  • Prevents one from suffering from any kind of major illness.
  • It can make a person more productive and they are able to focus on work.

According to the vastu rule, a human body can act like a magnet if the head is at the North Pole. Due to a strong magnetic field it can drain the energy out of an individual. This can lead to illness, stress and also kind of disturbs the mind.

One must know that a sound and peaceful sleep can always rejuvenate the body because when one sleeps then the body calms down and it can start repairing the organs. The mind also stays relaxed and the body gets recharged for the next day.

But there are many people who find a bit difficult to sleep at night no matter how early they lie down. They spend some hours just trying to get some sleep. There are many factors that can lead on to such sleepless nights or even lead to some fragmented sleep. Those who even after following strict rules like shutting down television, mobile and laptops cannot sleep properly can take help of the best vastu consultant so that they might find out that all the problems are lying with their sleeping direction.

Now what exactly is sleep direction? Well, according to vastu shastra, there is a close connection between the sleeping direction and the quality of sleep. This is a science which can align human beings and their dwellings by studying their cosmic energies that are flowing in the universe. This can bring balance to the 5 major elements that are Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Space. According to this study, the zone and location where one is sleeping and the direction of the bedroom can affect the thinking power, energy level and mood as well.

It is said that the best direction for sleeping is putting the head towards the east. It can increase the memory power, concentration and leads to good health. This can also shower the person with some good career opportunities, higher grades and promotions. Every house owner must have a bedroom where they can have a sleeping position where the head can be towards the east. If there is an arrival of a guest then they should be provided with a room where the bed is towards the west. This is a neutral sleeping position. Though it can give a quality sleep but it can also at the same time can restrict one to reach their full potential the very next day. This is the sleep position for a relaxed mood.

According to vastu specialist in Gurgaon sleeping with the head towards the south is also highly recommended. This position of sleep can reduce the cardiovascular disease and can also bring good health, prosperity and good fortune. Hence one can also try sleeping in that position.

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