Four Things Your Dermatologist Wishes You Knew

Skin disorders are common. The symptoms of it vary and while some are generally harmless, some others are severe and need medical intervention and treatments. In addition, some skin conditions are genetic and lifelong. You must consult the best dermatologist for skin problems that disrupt your daily life. There are few things that a dermatologist wishes all his patients know about such as skincare, damage caused due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and how to get medicines in a reasonable rate.

1) Wear sunscreen to prevent ageing – The skin gets older as we age. As such, it develops wrinkles and age-related spots. Sunscreen is perhaps the secret for anti-ageing. You must wear a good quality and branded sunscreen every day, even if the sun is not shining brightly, having an SPF of 30 or more. The sunscreen protects us from the harmful UV rays of the sun, prevents tanning, premature ageing and even skin cancer. According to a study, sunscreen blocks out a huge portion of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. You must start using a sunscreen early in life so that you do not have to use anti-ageing products when you grow old.

2) It is good, to be honest – You must be honest about your skin care routine, if you have any, to your dermatologists. This helps the skin doctor to diagnose your condition well and prescribe the perfect treatment. It so happens that when patients do not reveal honest things about their skin, even the best treatment may fail. If you have been negligent and have not treated your acne, psoriasis eczema for years you must tell your doctor about it. In addition, if you have consulted another skin specialist and the treatment did not work, you must let your current dermatologist know about it. Communicate your issues clearly, so that the doctor can personalize a skincare routine for you that would show effective results.

3) Call your dermatologist if your prescription cost has shot up – Usually, generic medicines cost heavy. Many times, the doctor is not aware of the skyrocket prices of the medicines that he has prescribed. In such a case, you must call and inform your doctor about the price of the medicines shooting up considerably. Sometimes the doctor’s nurses and staffs are aware of online medical coupons, pharmacies that offer good discounts and online medicine stores that deliver medicines at an inexpensive price. In addition, the doctor has a tie up with pharmacies that give discounts to his patients. Therefore, you must let your doctor know about the price rise.

4)  The sun is not the only effective source of Vitamin D – A celebrity skin specialist in Mumbai says it is a misconception that the sun and the UV rays is the best source of vitamin D. While it is a fact that UVB converts the vitamin D to its active state on the skin, the outdoor light consists of a meager portion of UVB. Hence, outdoor light provides you very less of UVB rays. Alongside this, you must consume a vitamin D rich diet such as fishes, green leafy vegetables, eggs etch. You can also take vitamin D supplements, which are easily available and the pharmacies.

When you let your doctor know the above points, your skin disorder will be treated effectively.

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