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Carpet Cleaning Do’s and Dont’s to Remove Stains

Keeping the carpet clean and stain-free is one of the most challenging tasks in maintaining the household. Removing stains will become a headache if left untreated right then. If you are wondering how to remove the pesky stains without much effort here are some dos and don’ts that will come as a great help.

No matter whether the stain is from blood, soda, inks or paint you can easily get rid of them with these tips and tricks. And if you have a child or pet at home these tips will be your saviour in cleaning the carpet. Let us take a look at dos and don’ts of each stain separately.

Blood Stains:

On the first stain of blood on the carpet, you have to act immediately and start rinsing it away as much as you can with the help of cold water. Then, make a solution of 2 tablespoons dishwashing liquid and cold water. Rub the solution at the area of the stain and rinse it well to completely get rid of it.


When ink is spilled on the carpet, dip a clean cloth in isopropyl alcohol and gently dab on the stain. Be careful that you don’t rub hard on the stain. If you are using a store bought solution, check it on a small area of the carpet and then, use it on the spot. If you are unable to remove the stain get the help of carpet cleaning in Bondi. They have tried and tested methods to remove all types of stain.

Pet stains:

Blot away the stain with a dry cloth or a tissue before using any product. Then with a help of any special cleaning solution that consists of ammonia and pet-safe, remove the remaining stain. You can also use a solution of warm water, vinegar and baking soda. Do not scrub the stain with hot stream cleaner as it will set the stain instead of removing it. The wet carpet cleaning in northern beaches Sydney have specialized formulas to remove pet odour and stains from the carpet without any trace of it.

Fat and Gums:

When you unknowingly put gum on the carpet it becomes a nuisance by sticking on to the carpet. A simple trick here is to place a cube of ice over the gum and wait until it freezes. To remove fat and oil, place a paper towel on the stain and iron it. The stains will stick onto the paper towel. If the smell of stain is not going, get the help of carpet cleaning in Bondi for a fresh smelling carpet.


This will make your carpet fade and lose its shine. To remove glue gently put some rubbing alcohol to the stain with a piece of cotton. Once the stain glue is wet wipe it off with a soft cloth. You can also go for wet carpet cleaning in northern beaches Sydney.

Bottom Line:

Mostly the carpet stains can be removed by DIY methods but some are so tough that it doesn’t heed to the home remedies. In that case, get you carpets treated by one of the best carpet cleanings in Bondi for specialized treatment of stains.

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