What Is YouTube SEO- How To Rank Your YouTube Videos

What Is YouTube SEO- How To Rank Your YouTube Videos

Posting YouTube videos is never enough because you need to optimize your videos so it can reach as many people as possible. This is where the need for YouTube SEO arises. To cut the story short, SEO is a technique to bring your website on top in the search engines. So, now what is YouTube SEO?

Well, it refers to the practices and tactics of optimizing your videos on YouTube to enable search engines like Google and Bing to rank your website. Everyone needs to rank on the first page of the search engines that’s why you need to know ways through which your videos can rank top.

How to Rank your YouTube Videos?

Focus on quality

Before you seek to rank high on the search engines, your first step should include producing high-quality content that addresses the needs of your viewers. Poor-quality videos may lead to negative feedback which can negatively impact the ranking progress of your videos. It’s not easy for Search engines to measure the content quality but it deals with users’ engagement. Tell your viewers something new and provide educating content.

Keyword search

You may have been producing content that others had already produced on YouTube. As yourself what makes yours different from other posts on the same niche. Before finding titles for the video, you should use keyword search tools to help you discover keywords with high search volumes. This can help you identify the best video to produce.

Video optimization

The secret to making your YouTube videos rank high is to focus on two major factors. The first is the page on which the video is posted and the second one is the video itself. So, lest look at what you need to pay attention to.

Video Length

The length of your YouTube videos has a greater contribution to your ranking. Short videos normally do not provide enough information to the viewer’s question. That’s why posting longer videos can assure you of more viewers and by the end, there is a 90% chance that it will leave the viewers satisfied. In fact, you may have more comments, likes and shares

Video Name

The major optimization mistake many people make when posting their YouTube videos is using improper naming structure. Furthermore, it occurs on the video file and raw video file. Often, the Search engine algorithms aren’t able to detect the main focus of your video. As a result, it uses raw files to help determine the video content. So, remember to choose an attractive name for your video.

Video Description

From the fact that you have decided to post YouTube videos, you must have thought of something much bigger. Therefore, you shouldn’t leave your videos without adding links and descriptions. It’s good to have many views but without an action button, you may have problems when it comes to ranking.

Despite adding a proper video description, you should conclude by encouraging your viewers to take action. Under video description, you should be targeting 200 words, unique words, and synonymous keywords which shouldn’t be repeated twice.

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