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What Are The MBA Admission Requirements In Singapore?

Many students dream to go abroad to pursue higher studies and Singapore is one of the most enthralling study destinations that attract students from all over the world. The graduates wish to take admission in Singapore MBA universities, these universities take students, based on entrance tests, but based on their academic records. This makes Singapore universities a popular choice for the students as they have an ideal study environment. The education system of Singapore offers a global experience to the students coming from over 25 countries. The best part is that studying in Singapore is not expensive.

With some decent educational institutions, Singapore is strictly against ragging & drug abuse and ensures safety for students. This is the prime reason most of the MBA students choose to study in Singapore. The students who wish to work to bear their expenses can work for around 15 hours a week. The business environment is apt for MBA students, as Singapore offers a broad scope for employment opportunities.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for MBA?

The student must hold a bachelor’s degree from a University/Institute of repute and must possess a credible academic record to enroll for an MBA course. The minimum CGPA in graduation to take admission for MBA is around 2.8 in most of the universities. A student fulfills the MBA admission requirements in Singapore if he has work experience of 2 years. Although the academic records help you take admission, some universities also consider your GMAT, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL scores. Only the students who did not study in English for graduation require TOEFL/IELTS scores to take admission.

What Score do I Need in TOEFL/IELTS to Secure Admission?

A student must have an overall score of 6.5 in IELTS to enroll himself for an MBA course in Singapore. The scoring criteria for various tests vary. He must further have a score of 6.0 each in reading, speaking, writing, and listening. The students must get a score of 580 in the paper-based test, while they must get a score of 237 in the computer-based test. One must score 85 in the internet-based test with at least 22 in the writing section alone. When you obtain these scores, you fulfill the scoring criteria to take admission to the Singapore MBA course.

How do I Apply for an MBA Course in Singapore?

The students who fulfill the requirements can apply online for the course. To apply online, the students must create an online profile on the university website of their choice. The next step requires students to upload their necessary supporting documents and complete the application. The universities shortlist the candidates for an interview. They finally select the students who appear eligible and the best fit for the course. If the university receives all the details, they consider the application. Submit the application fee followed by which you receive an offer from the university that wishes to admit you. You can finally accept the offer of the university in which you wish to take admission.

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