Vocabulary Words to Enhance Language Skills

Vocabulary Words to Enhance Language Skills

From an early age, kids start picking up words around them. They like to explore and discover new words that enable them to express their thoughts and feelings. The recognition of words gradually increases depending on their level of understanding. Therefore, kids must be exposed to the world of vocabulary in order to improve their language skills. Needless to say, these words promote cognitive development and social skills among children. It helps kids in strengthening their language skills in order to make better communication with others.

Sometimes, kids can make mistakes with their vocabulary but you need to give them the flexibility to learn and get hold of the language. Not to forget, learning words will help growing kids in boosting their problem solving and listening skills. In addition to this, kids will enhance their concentration and focus towards learning. Therefore, parents and teachers must introduce words for kids in order to improve all the areas of communication. We are aware of the fact that using appropriate words will give rise to meaningful sentences. If not, the communication that is being conveyed or received will be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Once the kids are acquainted with all the alphabets of English language. Parents and teachers have to focus on teaching letter by letter words in an easy and understandable way. Once the kids get familiar with letter ‘a’ words, focus on letter ‘b’ words which constitute pretty significant words in the vocabulary list such as ball, bat, bird, balloon, but, bitter, best, big, boat, black, banana, bubble, brown, etc. To enhance their vocabulary skills, you can design and implement activities which are engaging as well as entertaining for kids. With this, they will be more inclined towards exploring new words.

Activities For Learning Vocabulary Words

It is mandatory for kids from an early age to get acquainted with the letter ‘b’. Once they get familiar with the alphabet, you need to teach ‘b’ words so that they can make effective interactions with others. For the preschoolers, focus on teaching words that are short and easy to understand. Due to this, they will start connecting words with the sound for better comprehension. After they attain mastery in these words, move on to the next set of words for kindergarten and elementary kids depending on their level of understanding. Some of the activities that help in learning vocabulary words are as follows:

  • Spelling bee: It’s one of the best educational tools for teaching spelling for words that start with letter b. Here, kids are given a set of words to spell the word correctly such as brown, brinjal, banana, etc. If they are successful in doing so, award them with points and certificates.
  • Art and Craft: Provide them some craft and art materials such as color papers, color pencils and other stationery items for the activity. Ask kids to draw or make something creative using these materials for the assigned words such as balloon, basket, ball, etc.
  • Riddles: Assign a few riddles that represent letter b words for example, It is used by many people to travel from one place to another in the city. What is it? The answer is Bus. Similarly, you can create such riddles for kids in order to make them learn new words.

Benefits Of Learning Vocabulary Words

Needless to say, vocabulary is important for development of overall communication such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. However, make sure that you teach b words for kids in order to develop their communication skills. Learning vocabulary will help kids to excel in their academic performance as well. Some of the benefits of vocabulary words are mentioned below:

  1. Improves reading and writing skills.
  2. Enhances learning experience.
  3. Improves academic performance.
  4. Helps to explore the world and learn new things.
  5. Boosts problem solving, critical thinking and decision making skills.

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