Tips for IAS Preparation- Acing the Exam

It is always said that you must aim for stars only then you might end up on the moon. This phrase holds for those dreaming to become an IAS officer. Becoming an IAS officer is not easy. It takes a whole lot of courage, focus, and determination to be able to crack the civil services exams in India. The level of difficulty is topmost. So it’s better to fully make up your mind before you decide to delve into this examination. A lot of individuals lack the focus in life so they follow their peers and go into the concept of IAS coaching just under parental pressure or peer pressure. But the main thing is that one must introspect and find out the key interesting areas of life so that one can decide on the best available options.

Like any other exam, there are tips to choose the best study material for IAS prepare online. The aspirants have to move with proper planning and strategy formulation so that they can clear the exam in the very first attempt. So, they have to follow several tips. These tips come from the experts in the coaching institutes and also from the people who have cleared the exam. These tips are highly helpful so that people can clear the exam very easily.

The following can be a few of the tips that one can use while preparing for the civil services UPSC examinations.


Make a schedule – The IAS examination is conducted over three stages – prelims, mains, and interviews. Each of the stages is endowed with the vast syllabus; which could be found online and has risks of being passing through. The process might even take up your one year. So if you already have a rigid schedule and you follow it by heart, then there is nothing that you cannot crack. It is also necessary that you also incorporate some extra minutes for revisiting and revising your already prepared material. Last-minute preparation always ends up in a haphazard. So it is very important to be prepared beforehand. Proper planning and scheduling is a must to have a thing in this preparation. Ultimately the people who plan are the ones who will succeed. The scheduling must be made after proper analysis of the whole syllabus along with the weak and strong areas of the particular individuals. The candidate must pay proper attention to the weak areas by devoting more time to those subjects at the time of schedule formulation. In this way, one will develop a habit of managing the time which will be very useful on the main exam day.


Understand the questions – It is important to know that the syllabus of IAS exams is very vast and ranges over multiple subjects like science, maths, social science, geography and the only person who has varied and in-depth knowledge of all of these subjects can aim to crack this exam. The best way to begin studying these subjects is to begin the preparation with NCERT books. These books are very well formulated and can help in making the basic concepts clearer. Understating the type and nature of questions is very important because it will help in providing the systematic approach to move towards the solutions of those questions.

Plan a structured study pattern – With a vast level of subjects being asked in the exam paper and multiple and varied study materials stuffed in our faces, it is better to go for NCERT books. These books have all the basic material that one can study properly and can help you crack the exam. It is important to understand that you should always go for learning the basic properly first and then you can think of cracking the advanced questions. Having a well-planned pattern will allow the people to be consistent all the time and devote the efforts in the best direction that will provide guaranteed success.


Test yourself more and often – It is always best to create a simulated test atmosphere at your home only and prepare for the exam. When you push yourself and keep testing yourself regularly, it helps you learn better and more. The set timer also helps you to manage your time during the actual exam. It is a known fact that a lot of students don’t fear to study the exam, but giving the exam. So to avoid panicking during the exam, it is best to test yourself regularly to take away the fear of exams. This will help in giving a feeling of the actual test and will ultimately help the people to deal with stress during exams. The time-based testing will help in deciding how much time should be devoted to a particular question so that one is not involved in any kind of wasteful activity. This will help in saving a lot of time on the exam day and will also help to focus on all other questions.


Revision is the key– As with several online training courses being implemented, there is a lot of study material for IAS online or to prepare IAS online. But all of this will be a waste if you continually jump from one study material to another. The revision must be done after having an in-depth understanding of the basic concepts from the basic material. Then after this step, one can move towards the advanced level material so that one can solve the complex nature questions as well. This will also help in building the confidence of people along with having a good command over some of the subjects. Also, the revision is a way to polish the skills associated with a subject and strengthen the weak points in all other kinds of subjects. Understand that even the basics of the material will only be best if you keep on going through it and revising it again and again.

Hence, all the above-mentioned tips are worth considering when an individual is preparing for one of the toughest exams like IAS exam so that one has increased chances of getting successful.


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