Threats to High Yielding Cannabis Plants

Threats to High Yielding Cannabis Plants

Growing weed is not an easy task. It is not like growing maize and beans. Cannabis plants have very precise needs and can be very picky about where they can grow and flourish. A majority of people who want to grow weed often do not have the technical know-how; sadly.  However, if you feel patient enough to learn, the first step will be to visit Seed Supreme, to find the best marijuana seeds USA has to offer. The biggest challenge is dealing with weed pests. As aforesaid, weed is very sensitive and is prone to damage by a whole range of issues. Here are some common problems that you may have to grapple with.

  • Pests and disease

If you are growing weed indoors or outdoors you need to beware of possible pests and diseases that can affect your animal growth. One of the common plant enemies can be powdery mildew. Mildew is often a sign of major trouble. To avoid disappointment of poor yields after planting your weed seeds you need to ensure that there is enough circulation of air in the room that you are growing your weed from.  If you think the air is not enough you can add air filtration and sterilization devices to your operating plan.  Making sure that humidity levels do not get too high.

  • Overwatering cannabis plants

Novice growers are more culpable to giving weed their new plants too much love. Many weed seedshowever just need to be left alone to grow on their own. New growers tend to overwater their plants. However, it is important to remember that the quality soil is important for water to pull out of it and into the plant. Excessive water tends to soak the soil, and this makes the root rot if is not given enough time to dry out. It is important to check if the water in a plant is dry 1-2 inches down.

  • Adding too much of nutrients

Similar to overwatering some growers are likely to give plants too many nutrients.  A very popular myth is that more nutrients means that the plans are likely to give bigger plants and hence they keep adding more and more nutrients, However, putting too much fertilizer can lead to a nutrient lockout or other nutrient deficiency.  This lockout usually happens when the plants cannot take any more nutrients. It is important to remember there are organic nutrients that are a little bit more forgiving. Keeping an eye on pH levels of water can be used on your weed plants.

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