Six advantages of the elastomeric membrane

Six advantages of the elastomeric membrane

If you have been looking into your options for a good roof coating material, the chances are high that you have already heard of the elastomeric membrane. After all, elastomeric membrane coating happens to be one of the best and most popular roof coatings. The best roofers recommend using elastomeric membranes as the roof coating material quite often. 

What are the perks of using an elastomeric membrane?

The popularity of elastomeric membranes is essentially due to the various benefits that this type of coating offers. These include: 

  1. Versatility

The elastomeric membrane is versatile in terms of the variety of possible applications. Hence, the chances are high that this type of coating would be suitable for your roof. Moreover, the shape of the roofs does not matter as one can install an elastomeric membrane over slanting and flat roofs. Therefore, elastomeric membrane happens to be a viable option in areas with high snowfall.  

  1. Adaptability to temperature changes

As the name suggests, the elastomeric membrane is elastic. It can therefore expand, and contract as needed. In areas where the temperature fluctuates frequently, this can be extremely useful. The elasticity of the material would prevent them from cracking due to the expansions and contractions. The material can return to its original shape after expanding due to temperature changes.

  1. Energy efficiency

One of the purposes of coating a roof is to conserve energy. The coating should act as insulation, thus reducing the energy needs for cooling the space. Elastomeric membranes perform this function perfectly. The strong sealing of this coating makes it a good insulator. Elastomeric membranes also tend to reflect a large amount of sunlight. 

  1. Long lifespan

An elastomeric membrane would last about two to three decades. The material is resistant to dust, dirt, pollutants, weather elements, and other potentially damaging factors. This long lifeline makes it cost-effective and efficient. It would not require frequent replacement. Moreover, it allows the coating to protect the roof better as the damaging elements cannot make it past the coat. 

  1. Easy maintenance 

You are probably worried about the maintenance costs as they can add up to major long-term expenses. Well, an elastomeric membrane is rather easy to repair and maintain. All you have to do is reapply the coating over the damaged areas. The process is not only simple but extremely cheap. This is one of the factors that make elastomeric membrane such a popular choice. 

  1. Waterproofing

The waterproofing nature ofelastomeric membranesis a key reason behind the popularity of elastomeric membranes for flat roofs. The coating does not allow water to seep through, which enables it to protect the roof from standing water. In areas with heavy rainfall or other conditions that result in the accumulation of water, this type of coating is very useful. 

How to apply an elastomeric membrane coating?

Applying an elastomeric membrane coating over a roof is a rather fast process. There are two types of elastomeric membranes: 

  1. Traditional elastomeric membrane:  This coating requires a hot application. A professional would have to melt the asphalt at the joints of the base membrane using a blowtorch to create the sealant. It comprises modified bitumen. 
  2. Elastomeric membrane with a bonded system: Made of synthetic rubber, these membranes require a cold application process. One can install this type of coating at temperatures ranging between -10 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius without any problems

It is highly advisable to hire a reputed and reliable company for the application of the coating. Aninexperienced individual taking care of the task can potentially result in the improper installation or fire hazards. 

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