Removing Oily Residues from Wood

Removing Oily Residues from Wood

Since wood is porous, it absorbs oil quickly and leaves behind ugly stains. Whether one is dealing with cooking oil spills on wooden benches, floors, or hand oil from furniture and doors, eliminating it from the wood can be a challenge. If one is concerned with how to remove oil based stain from wood, there is good news. With some simple techniques and home remedies, eliminating oil stains from wood is relatively easy.


One of the safest and powerful cleaning agents belongs to the home kitchen. Vinegar is one such item that works wonders in eliminating dirt, and oil from wooden furniture and surfaces. It is a form of acetic acid that doesn’t leave any oily residue behind. It is suggested that mixing equal ratios of hot water with vinegar in a small bowl and applying it to the wood with a clean, soft cloth can do the trick.

The cloth shouldn’t be saturated in the solution, rather dampening it ensures that the wood is not exposed to excessive moisture. Furthermore, a fresh piece of cloth should be used if the previous one gets drained and dirty with oil residues. The cleaning should be finished by thoroughly drying with a clean cloth.

Dish detergent

How to remove oil-based stain from wood? If this question is bothering an individual, he/she can utilize mild dish detergent and get rid of the stains from oily residues on wood. To make the gentle cleanser work, adding a generous amount of detergent in a bowl of hot water is suggested. It is important to stir the mixture and create suds from the solution and apply with a clean cloth on the affected area. It is better if the affected wooden area is scrubbed properly and carefully. This should be followed by wiping clean within a few seconds with a damp and clean cloth. Finally, the affected area should be dried using a clean cloth.

Mineral spirits

Mineral spirit is yet another effective remedy that eliminates oil-based stains from wooden products. It is easily available in the market, and not expensive at all. All that one needs to do is dampen a corner of a clean cloth with some mineral spirits. This should be followed by firm rubbing in a circular motion over the stained wooden section.

 One must be careful that the wood is saturated with the mineral spirit. If the stain is faded, the stain goes away completely without much effort. In case, the stain is stubborn, the firm circular rubbing on the affected area must be repeated a few times before the stain goes away. Since mineral spirit is strong and causes skin irritation, wearing gloves must be initiated, and the rooms should be ventilated as well. Once the stain is gone, it is suggested to use a mild detergent and warm water to wash off the mineral spirits and then pat dry with a dry cloth.


Turpentine is a popular and widely used solvent that is used for cleaning oil build-ups and residues on wooden surfaces. The solvent works on all kinds of wooden furniture and surfaces, like doors, door frames, cabinets, etc., that have residues of hand dirt, oil. Turpentine is one of the effective ways that answer how to remove oil-based stains from wood. Using baking soda and hard brushes is a big no as they can damage the wooden surfaces and furniture significantly.

It is recommended to rub the wooden furniture and surfaces gently with turpentine in a circular motion. Repeated rubbing is required to eliminate the entire built-up of dirt and oil residues from the wood. The cloth begins to discolor as it picks the dirt, oil, and grime. Once the stain is removed, the furniture or wooden surface should be wiped clean using a damp cloth.


The market is flooded with a wide array of harsh chemical solvents that can help get rid of oily stains from wood surfaces and furniture. some of them are expensive and people with a strained budget cannot afford them. Home-based and mild solutions are considered not only budget-friendly but are effective as well. They are the best answers to how to remove oil-based stains from wood. They are popular and widely used across the globe.

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