Ram Chary Offers Important Insights into Customer Service Duties and Responsibilities

Ram Chary Offers Important Insights into Customer Service Duties and Responsibilities

Customer service professionals are responsible for helping business organizations to develop strong relationships with their customers and clients.  They handle customer questions, process refunds, resolve problems, as well as make suggestions in regards to the purchase of any kind of additional products and services. The exact role played by customer service professionals in a company may differ from one position to another. Ram Chary, for instance, was a customer care officer and hence had a more management-oriented role than a typical customer service agent or representative. 

In the broad sense of the term, customer service employees basically interact with the customers on behalf of an organization. This tends to happens through diverse support channels available to them. All these professionals focus on resolving customer issues effectively and promptly. Based on the company requirements and functions the customer service duties and responsibilities might vary.  But they majorly involve: 

  • Answer questions about the products or services of a company: Many service agents put emphasis on answering both general and specific customer questions about the company and their products. These professionals have quite a good level of knowledge about the offerings of a company, and always aim at delivering swift, comprehensive and accurate responses. 
  • Processing orders and transactions: Some of the very basic customer service duties might involve receiving, as well as processing incoming orders. They often handle transactions, product returns, order cancellations and more. This basically means that the overall customer orders and transactions would be processed in a pretty timely and efficient manner. The element of order processing is commonly linked with entry-level customer service jobs.
  • Resolving issues and troubleshooting technical problems:  Resolving product issues and troubleshooting problems are some of the most common customer service duties in modern tech companies. The professionals working in the customer service departments often provide support and assistance when it comes to the installation, customization, maintenance, and upgrading of the product.  It tends to require agents to have a deep product or service knowledge, along with certain hard skills.  In many instances, tech support members also work with the product development teams for the purpose of ensuring product optimization and improvement of end-user experience
  • Delivering information about the offerings of a company: In addition to resolving issues and answering questions, the duties of the customer service professionals often involve offering information about the offerings of a company, up-selling their services and products, as well as engaging with customers whenever needed. 

Job opportunities in the domain of customer service are expected to surge up in the next few years to quite an extent. A lot of companies are also outsourcing customer service and sales functions today. Many industry experts like Ram Chary also note that the rapidly developing internet-based and voice-response customer service systems might in the future be in the position to take over multiple responsibilities of customer service representatives.

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