Keep yourself motivated even during the Pandemicdays

Keep yourself motivated even during the Pandemicdays

Who knew that within a few months our lifestyle would be changed so drastically that those regular days in our previous yearswould feel like a good dream! How we miss meeting our beloved people and hanging out with our friends! We are all craving for the good old days to come back as soon as it is possible, isn’t it? Well, no matter how harsh it may seem to be bounded in our homes we must do it for the sake of our and our loved ones’ health. But that still doesn’t mean that we skip all the enjoyable moments of our lives and make our days dull and inactive! There is a great saying that when there is a will, there is a way! And we should be thankful to the advanced technology for providing us the ways to be connected to our loved ones even when the lockdown is still on.

We are indeed bound to maintain a social distance but there is no way we can keep broadening our emotional distances! So, we need to find out how to keep ourselves restricted as per the norms of sanitization and safety, and still be able to make our days enjoyable and spend quality time with the people close to our hearts.

Here are the things that we can do to get rid of boredom and melancholic feelings triggered by the pandemics:

Video calls to keep yourself connected

When we can’t see our loved ones whenever we want, it hurts. But if you too feel the same but cant tell to anyone, then don’t do it! Dial up the number and ask for a video call. In this way, you will feel much more connected to your loved ones. Even if you cant visit your parents’ place, just video call them whenever you want and it will make you feel like you are with them.

Virtual dating to get rid of loneliness

Virtual dating is a trending and cool idea to pass the lonely times at home. If you are already on a dating app, then you can find your partner. Otherwise, you can register for a romantic date on yoru gadgets.

Online gifts, flowers, and cake on special days

So what if you can’t join a birthday party, or keep one for yourself, sending and receiving gifts, flowers and delicious cakes are just done with a few clicks these days. You can browse the website of MyFlowerApp.Com and select any gift or cake to send it at midnight, early morning and even on the same day of a special occasion. Online gift and flower delivery are done on time, with proper care and hygiene measures so that you feel safe.

Binge-watch movies together

Going to movie theatres is a matter of the past. Now, we can’t even think of it. But we can comfortably watch a movie at our home with our loved ones which will be way cheaper and convenient than before. You can add some drinks and popcorn to your movie time to make it feel more like the theatres. If your loved one is not with you, then call them up and binge watch a movie together by being on phone. This will also make you feel like you are with them in real.

Learn new activities and then share your knowledge

It is always an add-on to learn something new, such as a language, new recipies, new habits and skills. Start learning a foreign language by watching a movie in that specific language, join a video tutorial or order a book online, and learn from it.  You can also do experiments with cooking, painting, crafts and many more. if you think that you are doing good, then share it with your beloved ones through the help of social networks. It can be so much fun for yourself and your admirers too!This will keep you busy and motivated. Not only you, but also a lot many people can be inspired by you through such activities.

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