Dangers of sleeping in makeup

Dangers of sleeping in makeup

After a long, hard day, so many of us just simply want to curl up in bed and go to sleep, without changing into night suit, taking off the makeup and undoing the hair. While understandably, fatigue can be gruesome enough to merit the lack of sufficient mental energy to get bothered about it, however making habit out of it is perhaps one of the worst things you can do to your skin.

Be very keen to take makeup off

Sleeping in a face full of makeup causes long- and short-term issues to the skin, requiring you to visit the top dermatologist in Islamabad for getting the much-needed reprieve.

Following are some of the dangers of sleeping in makeup


Even if you wear light makeup, you are eventually covering your skin with chemicals, long term exposure to which can lead to skin getting irritated. Moreover, when you let it on for too long, it settles into the pores. Also, as you take dirty face to bed, you also take all the bacteria that was harbored through the day alongside as well.

Consequently, the clogged pores and bacteria lead to breakouts on the skin. This is especially an issue if you wear thick, oil-based makeup. If these breakouts are not well attended to, they can lead to scarring and infection as well.

Black and white heads

Naturally, when you clog your pores and do not give your skin a chance to breathe, it will choke up, leading to the formation of microcomedones. These make the matters worse as invite the problematic bacteria over as well.

Over-time, clogged up pores oxidize to produce black spots, known as black heads. Moreover, at times, these microcomedones can be encased in skin as well, leading to white heads. 


Skin is your body’s first line of defense against infections. It acts as a physical barrier against pathogens. The irritation that makeup causes and the subsequent itching, poses the risk of skin getting damaged as it can peel off the skin.

 The chances are heightened in people with some skin abrasion already, or condition like acne which makes skin more prone to damage.

Therefore, if you sleep in makeup with abraded skin, you end up compromising this barrier and are susceptible to infections.

Premature Aging

After all the effort that we do to make our skin look youthful and taut, simple act of sleeping with makeup on undoes this hard work.

During the day, the skin is exposed to all sorts of pollutants in the air and undergoes a lot of oxidative stress. Makeup latches onto the dangerous substances, known as free radicals. So, when you do not clean your face from the makeup harboring all the radicals, they are able to cause even more palpable damage.

These free radicals cause collagen in the skin to breakdown. This protein is pertinent for keeping the skin taut and youthful. It also is responsible for giving the skin smooth sheen. Therefore, the less there is of collagen, more your skin will age. From fine lines to wrinkles, premature aging due to makeup has all sorts of manifestations.

Dull skin

Makeup acts as a barrier on the skin and left in overnight, it settles even more so in the pores. This prevents the skin care products from penetrating well and deep into the skin. Hence, skin does get the much-needed hydration, and therefore appear dull.

Moreover, as you continue with this habit, you make the matters worse, as makeup then interferes with the important-skin shedding mechanism of the body. The layer of the dead skin remains on the skin, preventing you from having a dewy and glowing complexion.

Dry Lips

Lipsticks take out the moisturizer from the lips, especially the matte ones. As you sleep in them, you continue losing moisture from the lips. Hence, you wake up to dry and chapped lips.

Eye Problems

Leaving eyeliner in the eyes and lashes full of mascara is also extremely bad for your eyes. They can potentially clog the hair follicles and oil glands of the eyelids, leading to formation of styes or small bumps on the lids.

Moreover, as you leave your mascara on, you make your lashes more prone to shedding as they become brittle and thus break off easily.

Another major issue are the eye infections. Mascara also harbors bacteria, and therefore exposes your eyes to pathogens, especially when you rub them and thus let the virus right into your eyes.

The area around your eyes is more sensitive and thus more liable to get inflamed due to the eye products that are left on for so long.  It can also lead to contact dermatitis as well, meriting a visit to the skin specialist in Islamabad for resolution.

Hence, suffer the tiny bit of inconvenience and wipe the makeup off before you sleep.

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