Check Engine Lights UP! How To Find the Real Problem

Check Engine Lights UP! How To Find the Real Problem

Today, all modern cars come equipped with a control light with the saying Check Engine. You can easily find this light on the dashboard of your car. If it constantly goes on, this can be a signal of the presence of some malfunction. The ECU unit controls the working of the light as well as all the other functions of the engine operation.

What to do if the Check Engine lights up?

  1. At the time of engine starting, a test of all the systems is carried out, it’s normal for these lights to be on throughout the duration of the tests. If the check engine light continues to burn, this could be a sign of some problem, sometimes even harmless. It is recommended to book a car service online in Delhi as soon as you notice the light for scanning the errors from the memory of the electronic control unit (ECU).
  1. In any instance, when the Check Engine light starts blinking or lights up while you are driving with your family, then do not panic. It is necessary to stop by the side and make sure that the engine is not making crazy noises, check the oil level, and inspect under the hood and attachment for some external damage. If you can’t find any massive damage, then you are free to move your car to the nearest car workshop in Delhi for a comprehensive diagnosis.
  1. Usually, when the car is in running mode and the Check Engine light gets on, it signifies some failure in the ignition system. Very often, the reason behind such action is poor quality fuel. However, we still recommend that you book a doorstep car service in Delhi to determine the cause of the error.

How to find out the reason?

The actual reason behind the issue and the appearance of the Check Engine message can vary because the error message usually sent from the ECU, which controls multiple sensors and operation of the engine as well as its functions like acceleration, the qualitative and quantitative composition of the working mixture, turning on the AC, ignition timing, etc.  In some situations, you can also find out the reason behind the issue by yourself, with some experience, knowledge and tools.

The error scanner, which can be connected to a mobile device or laptop, greatly simplifies the search for errors in modern cars. Typically, its work is based on the OBDII protocol directly from the engine ECU through a special connector. Nowadays, you can easily find both professional models for car workshops and simplified models for personal use.

Likely Causes of the Check Engine Error

  1. Poor quality fuel. You can easily fix this problem by draining the low-quality fuel from the gas tank and replenishing it with normal fuel.
  2. Old and worn-out spark plugs. If you face a problem with starting the engine, you should check the spark plug for proper gap and insulator integrity and replace it if required.

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