Cheap Screen Printing Tips For DIY Shirt Designers!

Cheap Screen Printing Tips For DIY Shirt Designers!

If you’re interested in making your own screen printed t-shirts, then you’ll be happy to know that screen printing is typically a pretty easy process. The biggest issue with screen printing is simply getting started, so it makes sense if you think that this type of t-shirt design process seems a bit overwhelming. 

We’ve partnered up with the custom apparel experts at ARES Sportswear that specialize in cheap screen printing to help us create this list of tips oriented towards DIY beginners, so take it from the pros in that these are the considerations you should keep in mind when you’re thinking about screen printing your own shirts!

Start Out Using High-Quality Shirts 

A lot of beginners will try to use really cheap shirts to save on their initial overhead costs, but these savings will many times cost you in the long-run in terms of time and money. A lot of poor-quality shirts don’t absorb ink that well, which can make it difficult for you to hone in on you’re skills while you’re just getting started. 

That’s why we recommend purchasing high-quality shirts even when you’re just beginning your screen printing training, because this will lead to better results and increased self-confidence in your craft! 

Watch Many Video Tutorials 

What’s great about today’s Internet is that there are tutorials for literally everything, and there are countless screen printing tutorial videos on YouTube that’ll put you in the right direction towards perfecting your technique. You truly can’t get the information you need simply by reading an article, but a video will give you the visual representation that’s required to improve. 

Practice Using High-Quality Graphics

Low-quality graphics will generally generate low-quality screen printing results, so it’s always better to invest more in your graphics when you’re learning just so you can ensure the overall quality of your first DIY shirts. Making screen printed t-shirts requires smooth designs and texts, and this can only truly happen when you utilize great graphics. 

This means that your graphics should always be high-resolution. 

Utilizing The Correct Screens 

You simply are not going to be capable of utilizing the same screens for different shirt projects, and you’ll likely need a large variety of screens to continuously make great shirts even when you’re just getting started. 

Screens range dramatically in mesh count, and you’ll need finer screens with higher mesh counts when you’re looking to use gradients, halftones and other more detailed prints. 

Be Sure To Maintain Your Equipment 

Equipment upkeep is vital for every screen printing beginner to remember, and it’s likely that you’ll want to protect your equipment simply due to the investment you put into it. Checking up on your equipment on a regular basis will go a very long way to save you all sorts of frustrations, and it’ll make sure your screens remain as clean as possible.

Reach Out To The Cheap Screen Printing Specialists at ARES Sportswear To Learn More!

One of the best ways for beginner screen printers to hone in on their craft is to learn from experienced experts, and the ARES Sportswear team is one of the best t-shirt developers in the entire United States. 

You can learn more about ARES’ screen printing strategies and techniques by clicking on the link at the top of the page that goes to their site’s homepage!

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