CFA course - all you need to know

CFA course – all you need to know

The moment you become a CFA charterholder is one to cherish. This feat is not easy to achieve and this will open great opportunities. The certification will enforce a good understanding of investment analysis and create portfolio management skills. However, most people who attempt the exam are not able to clear it. Pass rates are lower than 50%. So, how do you approach the exam? What should you know about the CFA course? Well, to begin with, what are the requirements for the exam and how do you become a CFA member? Let’s get started.

How do you become a CFA charter holder?

There are four steps to achieve this. First, the CFA program has 3 levels. You need to clear all these exams if you would like to obtain the CFA charter. The second step requires you to achieve the required work experience. You would need to complete the work experience before participating in the CFA program, during the course, or even after you clear the exams. This work experience needs to be involved in the process of making decisions. In addition to that, you should also submit some letters of reference. Lastly, you need to apply to become a member of the CFA Institute.

How can you enroll in the process?

If you would like to become a CFA candidate, you would need to enroll in the CFA program. You will have to register for the CFA Level 1exam. You will also need to meet some requirements. If you qualify for all the criteria, you can move forward and register yourself.

What are the requirements for the CFA program?

In order to be able to sit for the CFA exam, you should have done a Bachelor’s degree. Alternatively, you need to be a final year student. You need to complete your education before you register for Level II. You can even have a combination of 4 years of education and work experience as well. Following this, you should have an international travel passport. Also, you should be ready to take exams in English. This is yet another criterion. Also, you need to complete a Professional Conduct Statement. Finally, you need to be part of a participating country. If you qualify for these, you should start with your online learning.

If you are willing to work in the investment industry, the CFA is a great option. The alternative is to go for an MBA program which is way too costly. You can opt for CFA classes in Delhi to clear the course easily. While you would need to leave your job for an MBA program, you can earn the CFA charter while working for your organization. When you make up your mind, be sure to apply early – you would be saving quite a lot. Take the help of coaching classes to make the course easier to pass.

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