5 Signs You May Need Some Marriage Counseling

5 Signs You May Need Some Marriage Counseling

‘Till death do us part…right? Marriage is supposed to be a fairytale – a forever story. And it probably was, in the beginning.

But do you feel like your spouse is becoming a stranger as the days go by? Or maybe lies and arguments are infiltrating your marriage and threatening total destruction.

Marriage counseling could be what you need to get your marriage back to a healthy relationship before it deteriorates beyond repair.

Check out these five signs that may indicate that you need marriage counseling.

1. Communication Is Broken

Communication is a vital part of a healthy relationship. When this breaks down, your marriage could be in serious trouble. There are a few signs of this. If you and your spouse aren’t talking anymore, this indicates a deterioration. Or, maybe you’re talking but it’s always negative – focusing on shame, arguments, and insecurities.

If either of you is feeling like you cannot talk about your issues, with fear holding you back, it’s time to seek out a therapist. Going to therapy, for example at one of the Naya Clinics, is a fantastic way to repair communication and build healthy communication habits.

2. You Cannot Resolve Conflicts

Are you able to resolve conflicts with your spouse or do you end up arguing over the same issue over and over again? If you find that your marriage is stuck on an issue, it can be very difficult to break out of it.

If you’re not able to work through the issues you get stuck on, or if you’re constantly arguing over every little thing, couple’s therapy is hugely beneficial. You and your spouse will learn how to face challenges together, how to resolve conflicts in a healthy way, and how to move past stubborn issues that are poisoning your marriage.

3. Dishonesty and Secrets Become Normal

Lies are a massive warning sign of a broken marriage. Honesty is an important part of the foundation of a relationship. Keeping secrets about significant things indicates that there is a big problem in a marriage and a lack of trust.

This includes being secretive or dishonest about financial matters. With joint assets in a marriage, it’s imperative that there is transparency.

4. The Intimacy is Gone

Of course, long-term marriages, most of the time, are not as passionate as at the beginning of the relationship. A slower sex life is normal, however, a complete lack of sex and other affection is a good reason for seeing a psychologist.

If you find yourself averse to sex or intimacy with your spouse or feel that they might be feeling like this, marriage counseling can help you to reconnect and add a little bit of romance to your relationship again.

5. Someone Has Been Unfaithful

Overcoming hardship is difficult, and infidelity in many cases is almost impossible to tackle. Especially by yourself. Infidelity affects mental health, destroys trust, and dredges up many old and concealed issues.

Infidelity is often a result of a broken marriage and deeper issues. It’s not as simple as forgiving someone and moving on. Couples therapy can help to repair a marriage, coming out of an affair as stronger than before.

Marriage Counseling for a Healthy Marriage

Don’t wait until it’s too late to fix your relationship. There is no shame in seeking out marriage counseling. In fact, it indicates a commitment to your oaths and a love for your spouse that you’re willing to put in the work.

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